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As a young man, Muhammad Aamir Khalique fantasized about becoming a police officer. The idea of protecting people and serving humanity while ensuring people’s safety was enticing to him.

In 2012, Khalique earned his BA in Criminology from University of the Fraser Valley School of Criminology and Criminal Justice. A highlight was interning at the Abbotsford Police Department, where he was able to go on ride-along with police officers.

However, because of family fears about the possible dangers of policing, Khalique had to rethink his career path. The self-described number cruncher decided to give sales a try.

There are many similarities between policing and finance, like interacting and helping people in need and problem solving

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A conversation with a successful mortgage broker led Khalique to make yet another a major career shift. The allure of working for himself was too strong to ignore. Khalique’s capitalist personality made him naturally attracted to the brokerage profession. In 2019, Khalique became a licensed mortgage broker for Dominion Lending Centres, operating in B.C. and Alberta.

While job shadowing with a fellow mortgage broker, Khalique saw how big of an impact brokers could have on people’s lives.

“I thrive on being able to come up with tailoured solutions to make my clients’ lives easier and to help them achieve their goal of home ownership. That is truly gratifying,” says Khalique, adding he gets to know his clients’ needs and wants to ensure he matches them up with the proper advice/solutions.

Being his own boss means that Khalique can set his own schedule – a perfect scenario for a dad who loves hanging out with his family.

When he is not working hard on his clients’ behalf, this proud father of two young sons and a daughter spends time with family and friends. On weekends, Khalique can be found cheering on his eight-year-old daughter, whether at the pool, performing martial arts or playing cricket, or spending time with his sons and wife.

“Being a broker offers me a lot of freedom,” Khalique adds. “If I leave early one day to watch my daughter in a tournament, if need be I’ll work at night for my clients.”

The longtime Abbotsford resident loves raising his family in a neighbourhood with a strong sense of community; one where neighbours say hi to each other on the street, and support each other.

“The friendly greetings on the street, the willingness to lend a helping hand, and where local businesses contribute significantly to the unique character of the city. It’s what makes Abbotsford such a great place to live,” says Khalique.

Khalique is also committed to charitable endeavors. He regularly donates to children’s programs in Chilliwack and Abbotsford, and his mosque’s free meal program. A few years back he and his family also began a foundation in memory of their grandfather.

“We offer free medical camps in small impoverished villages in Pakistan, such as access to eye and hearing exams, as well as supporting bereaved widows with financial assistance,” says Khalique. “Recently on a trip home, we volunteered to build a well in a village of 500 people, who had no access to clean drinking water.”

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