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The Nima Khadem Group is a Real Estate Team with ROYAL LEPAGE SIGNATURE REALTY, BROKERAGE. Check out NK Group's active listings and/or office listings. To contact the Team, call 647-699-2005

The Nima Khadem Group is a Real Estate Team with ROYAL LEPAGE SIGNATURE REALTY, BROKERAGE. Check out NK Group's active listings and/or office listings. To contact the Team, call 647-699-2005

  • 15 Years Experience
  • Fluent In English, French, Persian, Mandarin, Tamil, Spanish
Anastasia Ef 2021-11-09 Google
Helped Anastasia Ef to buy a property in 2021.
It was a pleasure working with Nima Khadem Group. From the initial start of the process when I first inquired about new construction, Nima was very knowledgeable, professional and had provided quality advice along with thorough answers to all my questions. With Nima’s expertise and guidance throughout I was assured that I was in good hands and since have successfully purchased a new construction project. His above and beyond approach resulted in reserving and obtaining a unit during the extremely difficult competitive market. Nima and his team are truly the top Realtor in the industry that not only have a professional dedication but genuinely care for their clients best interests. Thank you Nima! Highly recommended.
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John Biljan 2021-10-19 Google
Listed and Sold a property for John Biljan in 2021.
This is the first time I sold a house. My mom had just passed away and my former long time neighbour in same predicament sold his with Nima guiding him and had recommended Nima to me. Then Nima visited and told me not to worry and Nima took care of everything quickly, efficiently, and calmed my nerves. Nima had a survey done, sent people over to cut my front and back yard, and had sent two people to collect my trash. Even movers and of course law firms were recommended which made everything easy for me. I just had to relax and offers came in. Even signing was easy fast and efficient using technology in this Covid world. Nima even delivered a cheque in person which was most gratifying. Nima's team was wonderful with constant calls to check to see how I was doing. I definitely recommend Nima and his team.
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Z A 2021-10-16 Google
Listed and Sold a property for Z A in 2021.
Nima Khadem group are a group of people with exceptional skills, they helped us to sell our property smoothly in only one day. Througout the entire process of selling our house from preparation for listing until closing they were responsive and professional. They made us to feel we can relax by just trusting them and letting them do their job. Nima himself is an exceptional human being who reminded me that in real-state business there are still people who value humanity over money. Nima truly care for his clients and their peace of mind ,he makes sure the whole process of selling your house in a easy and hassle-free experience. I strongly recommend his service to whomever looking for a professional service in this field.
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Caitlin Speicher 2021-09-16 Google
Caitlin Speicher worked with Nima Khadem in 2021.
Nima and Sofia were an absolute pleasure to work with! They were always responsive and helpful and did a fabulous job finding us a new home and helping us get the most out of our condo! We cannot recommend them enough!
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Meenal Gupta 2021-08-16 Google
Meenal Gupta worked with Nima Khadem in 2021.
Devany is a thorough professional!! I cannot say enough good things about her :) From understanding my (and my dog's) requirements to keeping me updated at every step of the process, Devany made the whole experience stress-free. As a bonus, she has an amazing sense of interior decoration and I love taking her opinion. Highly recommended!
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Carolina Gonzalez 2021-07-16 Google
Carolina Gonzalez worked with Nima Khadem in 2021.
I had an great experience working with Haylin. She was professional, extremely patient, and well-informed about every showing we went to. Her skill level and knowledge was on point. She went above and beyond to find me a place as i needed it and how i wanted it. I Couldn't be happier with her service. I would recommend this group everytime!!
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Rownock Zamani 2021-07-16 Google
Rownock Zamani worked with Nima Khadem in 2021.
I had an incredible experience working with Devany! She was professional, patient, and well-informed about every showing! Her skill level and knowledge was impeccable. I was consistently updated about the search and she ensured to explain every step of the process. Moreover, she was very accommodating with my schedule and timeline. The entire group made sure that this was a stress free process - from the paperwork, to the showings, the move in day, and post move in. Devany continues to keep in touch to ensure I am happy with my decision. Devany went above and beyond to find me the perfect condo. I would definitely work with her again!
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Hayley Filman 2021-07-16 Google
Hayley Filman worked with Nima Khadem in 2021.
Devany was amazing, she made the struggle to find the right apartment in Toronto so easy. We saw a lot of places but her patience and hard work paid off as we now live somewhere we love. She was professional, personable and fun to spend time with! Next time we move we will be giving her a call!
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Saeid Zamirghasemi 2021-07-16 Google
Helped Saeid Zamirghasemi to buy & sell a home(s) in 2021.
We have been working with Nima khadem and His team for over 1 year for our buying and selling real estate transactions. We have appreciated Him for knowledge, honesty, trustworthiness, integrity, and no pressure approach. Nima listens to your needs so he understands what you are looking for and how it must fit into your lifestyle. We highly recommend Nima Khadem as your realtor because he can accomplish your real estate
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Michael Silva 2021-06-16 Google
Helped Michael Silva to buy a property in 2021.
My fiancé and I had an amazing experience working with Devany to find our first home. Being new to all things real estate, Devany made the entire process super easy. Within weeks we had seen a bunch of different properties and put in an offer on the property we ended up buying. Not only was Devany professional and knowledgeable throughout our entire experience, but the communication was excellent as well. Answers were always a quick call or text away, and when you are a first home buyer, it helps knowing you have professional support for any questions or information that you need throughout the home buying process. From searching for properties, to viewing them, to putting in offers, to closing, even to moving in, Devany was on top of everything, making sure it all went as smooth as possible. Devany is the answer to all your real estate needs!!
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Nathan Cox 2021-06-16 Google
Nathan Cox worked with Nima Khadem in 2021.
Very responsive to my questions. Helpful and kind.
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Erik Paige 2021-05-16 Google
Erik Paige worked with Nima Khadem in 2021.
It was fantastic putting a deal together with Nima! Professional and easy to communicate with. Hope to work again with him soon! Thanks Nima!
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Lina Defilippis 2021-05-16 Google
Helped Lina Defilippis to buy a property in 2021.
A HUGE, thank you to Nima and his team. Being a first time home buyer, I was nervous. After the first meeting with Nima, I felt very comfortable and knew I had nothing to worry about. He was patient, compassionate, empathetic, he definitely takes pride in what he does and he’s great at it. I thank you and appreciate all your hard work. Thanks, Lina
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Brenda O'Brien 2021-04-16 Google
Listed and Sold a property for Brenda O'Brien in 2021.
I want to thank Nima and his fantastic crew for an amazing adventure. Everything went perfect, we are very happy with the sale. I give Nima a 100% . Thank you Nima, also his stager Sima is fantastic. She was a huge part of our sell.
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Kalinka Petrie 2021-04-16 Google
Helped Kalinka Petrie to buy a property in 2021.
I bought my first house in Toronto with the help of Devany from the Nima Khadem Group. I cannot stress how grateful I am to have gone through this process with her. Purchasing during COVID was stressful at times but Devany made me feel so comfortable and confident throughout the process. She took the time to explain the market to me, explore all my options and ultimately, find me the proprety of my dreams! She was professional and motivated but also genuine and fun to work with! I will definitly be using the Nima Khadem Group in the future and hopefully Devany will still be there!!!
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Victor Mohamamdi 2021-04-16 Google
Helped Victor Mohamamdi to buy a property in 2021.
If you are looking for professional realtor ( which is hard to find these days) I strongly suggest Nima Khadem.
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GreenCare Energy 2021-03-16 Google
GreenCare Energy worked with Nima Khadem in 2021.
Nima is honestly the most competent realtor I have dealt with up to today, I have had nothing but bad experiences until I met Nima and after 2 years of working with him he has got us our new showroom and Warehouse at 85 Nantucket blvd. He also got me my first condo at the quantum tower 2 years ago and is now working in getting me my first house, none of this would be possible if he didn't guide me in the right direction and set a plan of action to have everything in order to be able to get a loan from an A lender bank with low rates. There is a reason he is TOP 10 under 35 !!!
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Amirpasha P. 2021-02-16 Google
Amirpasha P. worked with Nima Khadem in 2021.
We know Nima for quite some time now and worked with him on number of transactions and every time he has exceeded our expectations and delivered a quality service. Nima is super responsive and caring towards his clients needs. He is always considerate of everyone’s situations and different circumstances and brings uncompromising solutions to the table to make “it” happen. Nima is also, a great consultant, and we’ve been very fortunate to know him as he’s always been a tremendous source of knowledge in the Real Estate business. Looking forward to keep working with him and his team and again thank you Nima for always being there for us.
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Stephan Dyer 2021-02-16 Google
Stephan Dyer worked with Nima Khadem in 2021.
Incredibly professional, kind, fun and supportive team. I recently worked with Nima, Devany and Sofia and they were so easy to work with, made everything less stressful, and were super responsive with communication. What I like the most about them is that they're SO down to earth and funny. It makes the entire experience so much better. Would recommend them every time, hands down. Thanks NK Group! ÔøΩ
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bahar zare 2021-01-16 Google
Listed and Sold a property for bahar zare in 2021.
We are extremely grateful to Nima and his amazing team for all their hard work and dedication to help us sell our family home of almost 20 years. Nima is exemplary in his profession. First, he truly listens to his clients and tailors his approach to match their style and needs, especially when it comes to marketing, selling strategies and home showings. Second, Nima’s strong interpersonal skills make for a very smooth interaction between all parties involved in the transaction. And third, throughout the entire process Nima remains focused and committed to get the deal done as quickly as possible. A big thank you from the Zare family!
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foad zolfaghari 2020-11-16 Google
Helped foad zolfaghari to buy & sell a home(s) in 2020.
We couldn't be happier with how we were treated and worked with by Nima Khadem and his team. He was extremely responsive, Professional and very pro-active on communicating with us, from the sale of our condo to the purchase of our new house. We had some difficult moments in both aspects (selling and buying) that I'm not sure any other realtor would have had the patience to deal with us on these issues and walk us through them as methodical and calm as he did. We weren't entirely sure what the process would entail and how much work it would take, but Nima was VERY informative and you could tell right off the bat that he knew his career and had our best interests in mind. We were very confident working with him and have already recommended him to our family and friends and will continue to do so. Thank you Nima and wish you luck
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Evita Carretas 2020-11-16 Google
Evita Carretas worked with Nima Khadem in 2020.
It took me many years to decide if I wanted to get into the Toronto real estate market. Mainly because there are a lot of unknowns. Devany was beyond helpful, patient, professional and helped me ease my worries. This team knows the market! I trust them! Thank you Devany, and team for helping me and my husband find a place. Highly recommended team.
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Janet Luong 2020-11-16 Google
Helped Janet Luong to buy & sell a home(s) in 2020.
Nima and his team are amazing! True experts in their field and extremely knowledgeable. I would highly recommend the Nima Khadem group to anyone looking to buy or sell their homes!
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ario xavier 2020-11-16 Google
ario xavier worked with Nima Khadem in 2020.
Make the best financial decision of your life as I did, I trusted him with my biggest asset and it completely paid off. Class act! Super Friendly, hardworking, Nima and his team will put it as much work as is necessary to meet the expectations of their clients and so much more! -Happy Client :)
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Jennifer Stefano 2020-11-16 Google
Listed and Sold a property for Jennifer Stefano in 2020.
My place sold in 3 days with 22k above asking during a Pandemic! The Nima Khadem Group is truly the dream team. Devany was my direct sales agent, but they all worked together collectively to get my place sold and quickly. The transaction was effortless from beginning to end. And the way they staged my place was so beautifully done, I didn't want to sell. So happy I chose this team and would highly recommend.
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