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While it may not yet have the reputation of its nearby neighbours, Edmonton and Calgary, the city of Lethbridge is quickly becoming one of the province’s most attractive places to move to. As Alberta’s fourth-largest city, Lethbridge boasts a steadily growing population, reliable job market, and low cost of living. 

New houses for sale in Lethbridge are constantly being listed, and Lethbridge housing is some of the most affordable in all of Alberta’s main communities. Several industries support the people of Lethbridge, including careers in hospitality, healthcare, education, construction and more. What does this mean for you? The low price of many Lethbridge homes for sale could present the perfect opportunity to begin a new chapter for your life, your community foundations, and your career.

In addition to the relatively low cost of Lethbridge houses for sale, there’s also the added benefit of many available types of real estate. Lethbridge has apartments, condos, townhouses, and more available all the time. Let’s look at some of your options when considering a move to the city of Lethbridge.


Explore New Lethbridge MLS® Listings for All Property Types

No matter what type of property you’re looking for, Lethbridge has something to offer. It’s common to see real estate of all kinds go up for sale, and the asking prices are usually very reasonable when compared to the size and location of the property. Here are some of the most common new listings in Lethbridge.

  • Condos – If a low price and great location are high on your priority list, consider browsing the many condos for sale in Lethbridge. These properties are typically near busy parts of town, making them especially suitable for professionals. Plus, condos have the added benefit of being maintained by an organization, saving you time down the line. 

  • Mobile Homes – Another common property, there are always new mobile homes for sale in Lethbridge, Alberta. These typically come with a much lower price tag than other Lethbridge real estate listings, making them perfect for people living alone and looking to maximize their earnings while working in the city. 

  • Duplexes – Does your family need more space than a condo but less than a full-sized house? Duplexes for sale in Lethbridge can be a great way to strike a balance between price and space, making them ideal for young families.

  • Acreage – Looking to build your own home or start a farming business? Acreages for sale in Lethbridge are common, spacious, and reasonably priced. These are a great choice for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit and a vision for their dream home. 


Pick the Perfect Location for Your New Home

When you’re going to open houses in Lethbridge, it’s important to consider which area of town you’d most like to live in. Each main region of Lethbridge has its own unique atmosphere and benefits, and understanding each one will help you love your new home even more. Here are the main areas to consider:

  • South Lethbridge – South Lethbridge is the city’s most popular (and most expensive) region. Home to most of the city’s downtown and the hospital, Lethbridge south is an especially desirable location for professionals and families. Houses for sale in south Lethbridge can be as much as 10% more than similar homes in other areas.

  • Lethbridge West – West Lethbridge is the city’s newest area and region closest to Lethbridge University. This makes it a popular area for students, university staff, and faculty alike. However, houses for sale in Lethbridge West tend to be further from amenities like shopping and dining, so factor this into your decision.

  • North Lethbridge – Houses for sale in north Lethbridge tend to be the most affordable in the city. As the oldest part of town, North Lethbridge is close to the city’s industrial areas, making them great for people with jobs in the field.

No matter what type of home you’re looking for or what neighbourhood you’ve got your eye on, REW is here to help. Our real estate search tool helps you quickly and easily browse through the latest Lethbridge real estate listings, allowing you to filter your search by size, price, number of bedrooms, and more.