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I love connecting with clients searching for a personable, meaningful, and nuanced real estate journey. I look forward to working with you!

About Michael

With a background as a visual artist and art consultant, Michael Miller finds the connection of real estate to art and culture inspiring. “Each property is like a work of art,” he says, “with unique material, technical, and aesthetic characteristics."

For Michael, it is a wonderful privilege when clients share their homes and ways of living with him so that he can help them find a home that resonates with their identity. "I love the journey of finding a home that connects with my client's lifesty...

With a background as a visual artist and art consultant, Michael Miller finds the connection of real estate to art and culture inspiring. “Each property is like a work of art,” he says, “with unique material, technical, and aesthetic characteristics."

For Michael, it is a wonderful privilege when clients share their homes and ways of living with him so that he can help them find a home that resonates with their identity. "I love the journey of finding a home that connects with my client's lifestyle and culture. Being able to express yourself in your personal space is incredibly important to creating a sense of grounding. Whether it is your first condo, or a larger architect designed home, I believe that everyone deserves to have a meaningful and nuanced connection with architecture and design at every stage in their life."

shane Kolmansberger 2023-02-22
Helped shane Kolmansberger to buy a condo in Vancouver in 2023.
I highly recommend Michael Miller! I was a first time home buyer and he walked me through every step of the process, from not knowing if it was even a possibility for me. . . to handing me my keys! He set me up with a mortgage broker, home inspector, and lawyer. Michael is truly full service. Michael comes from a place of love, kindness and style but that takes nothing away from his business and negotiation skills. He has the eye of an artist for quality and detail. 11/10.
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Michele Bell 2023-01-12
Helped Michele Bell to buy a condo in Vancouver in 2022.
Michael Miller was an outstanding resource as our real estate agent: he was friendly, approachable, and always made us feel like a priority. We couldn’t imagine a better fit for our purchase in Vancouver. From the beginning, as we discussed our search criteria, he asked appropriate questions to ensure we considered all the possibilities. Knowing where we had flexibility and where we didn’t, Michael helped narrow our search and provided valuable insight for the available options. His considerable knowledge of the Vancouver market, clearly-explained pros and cons, detailed timeline, and his qualified contacts made the whole process seamless. We appreciated that he was always available to answer our questions and address any concerns we had. He was also able to help us virtually during the home inspection when we were unable to be there in person. Our only regret was that we found our perfect property so quickly, as Michael was charming, fun, and encouraging during what is often considered a stressful event. Overall, we highly recommend Michael to anyone in need of a fantastic, top-notch real estate agent.
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Greig Oldford 2022-11-12
Helped Greig Oldford to buy a townhouse in Coquitlam in 2021.
Michael went above and beyond for us! He was proactive, knowledgeable, patient and very hardworking. I definitely recommend working with him!
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Nagraj Rao 2022-10-27
Helped Nagraj Rao to buy a condo in Port Moody in 2022.
Michael is an amazing realtor who guided me through every single step of purchasing my first condo! He is patient, super organized, focuses on the clients needs exceptionally well, and makes the process completely transparent and easy for new buyers. He is very quick at responding to texts, emails etc. and always has solid advise to offer on housing specific matters. The cherry on the cake is his friendly personality and a genuine care for the well-being of his clients. I am really glad to have made a new friend in the process of finding my home and very strongly/enthusiastically recommend working with him.
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Coleen 2022-10-12
Listed and Sold a condo in Vancouver for Coleen in 2022.
Our apartment was unique as it was a large two level penthouse with just one bedroom. It was designed to showcase art and featured a huge dressing room, open spaces and high ceilings. Michael's background in art helped him to appreciate what was required to market this home and attract the right buyer. The film and photos he had produced were exceptional and showcased all the features of our home. His attention to detail and professionalism in dealing with us and potential buyers was perfect. I would recommend him to anyone.
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Thomas Bogucki 2022-08-25
Helped Thomas Bogucki to buy a townhouse in Pitt Meadows in 2022.
Michael helped us find our dream home and ensured that we were fully looked after as his clients. As a first time homebuyer, I appreciated the professionalism, detailed orientation, and overall excellence that Michael contributed, making for a smooth process. It was great working with an advisor that takes the time to thoughtfully explain each question that comes up, regardless of how insignificant and ensures that nothing is missed. I would highly recommend Michael to anyone looking to buy or sell in the market.
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Preet Brianna Parmar 2022-08-24
Helped Preet Brianna Parmar to buy a townhouse in Pitt Meadows in 2021.
Michael was super helpful in helping us buy our first home. He understood exactly what we were looking for and helped us locate a home that met our needs. We are extremely happy with the service he's provided!
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Mira Salikova 2022-08-14
Helped Mira Salikova to buy a condo in Burnaby in 2021.
Michael was instrumental in our home purchase. We went to many viewings together and built a family relationship with him. I am grateful for his help and guidance. Thank you Michael!
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Calvin 2022-08-06
Helped Calvin to buy a condo in Coquitlam in 2021.
Despite our investment was a small transaction on a one-bedroom apartment, Michael treated us with top-notch courtesy and professionalism. Michael is a passionate and enthusiastic professional with prompt responses and immediate action. With a simple text or phone call, Michael was always available to address our questions. He is conscientious and will not hesitate to say “Let me find out for you. I will call you back.” He never dismissed us with meaningless answers or false information. We feel that Michael always kept our best interests in mind. We still keep in touch after the transaction as Michael is genuinely a gentleman who has earned our respect. He deserves a high recommendation.
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Carrie 2022-07-20
Helped Carrie to buy a condo in Coquitlam in 2021.
My husband and I were on our journey searching for our second property investment in Summer 2021. Our experience with realtors was not a great one in the past, and we were skeptical this time until we met Michael. One Saturday, we met Michael at an Open House that he hosted for his colleague who represented the seller’s side. First impression of Michael - analytical and data-driven, and yet approachable and personable. Michael provided insight about the property and shared a range of data on recently sold properties around the area. He also listened well and made some suggestions to help us focus on our property search. After our first encounter, my husband and I spent a few more weeks of property shopping on our own, but we both reached our consensus to appoint Michael to be our realtor whom we felt we can trust, and we are glad we did. We were able to secure our next investment property with wonderful tenants who still reside at our property to this day. We would highly recommend working with Michael.
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martin 2022-07-18
Helped martin to buy a condo in Burnaby in 2021.
Michael is very patient, knowledgeable, responsive, and hard working. We viewed 25+ properties with some unsuccessful bids along the way but always Michael remained positive and I felt he was on our side the whole way through. We succeeded in purchasing our apartment with a well negotiated deal that allowed us to get into the biggest and best property our money could buy.
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Vincent N 2022-06-22
Helped Vincent N to buy a condo in Coquitlam in 2021.
Over the last 20 years I’ve dealt with many Realtors both on the buying and selling side. Michael is by far the best I’ve worked with. I have an erratic schedule (First Responder) and he was always willing and able to accommodate and was always accessible when I needed to reach out at unusual hours. His positive personality, attention to detail, professionalism, and responsiveness are second to none. I was able to secure the perfect presale condo for what I was looking for and I have already gained a significant chunk of equity. I will absolutely be working with Michael again when I do my next trade.
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Philip Ireland 2022-06-22
Listed and Sold a duplex in Vancouver for Philip Ireland in 2021.
Michael was fantastic. I'm a busy guy and the process of selling my home was smooth. If I needed anything, even outside the scope of what you would expect from your agent, he made it happen. The documentation that Michael provided was top tier. His background as a visual artist was evident in his work. Michael organized an architectural filmographer to produce the photography and short film of my home. Highly elevated and magazine quality. Michael also curated local artists' work throughout my home and it definitely had an impact. His service is next level. Happy to recommend.
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Dolrich Ranque 2022-06-20
Helped Dolrich Ranque to buy a townhouse in Pitt Meadows in 2022.
"I am happy to recommend Michael to any first time home buyer like myself. He took the time to explain every step of the process that was new to me and worked hard for us to win a multiple offer situation. My boys and I are excited for our new start and I would work with Michael again in the future."
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Dianne Stebner 2022-06-19
Helped Dianne Stebner to buy a townhouse in Coquitlam in 2021.
Who thought buying a home could be so fun?! Thank you Michael for being there through the ups and downs, and never giving up on us finding exactly what we wanted (even when we weren't exactly sure what that was!) We appreciate your professional and thoughtful approach and your confidence when it came time to negotiate. Thank you for helping us find our dream home for UNDER ASKING. What more could we have asked for? Nothing, that's what!!
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Myles Renko 2022-05-24
Helped Myles Renko to buy a condo in Burnaby in 2022.
It was a pleasure to have Michael Miller as my realtor. He is personable and easy to talk to. I was very impressed with his depth of knowledge and his work ethic. I felt well-informed on properties that I was interested in and when I found the right home that I wanted to buy, Michael fought for me. Needless to say, he was able to get me the home I wanted. I took his advice and now have the home of my dreams. Anyone out there looking for a realtor, Michael Miller will not disappoint.
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Ariana Renko 2022-05-24
Helped Ariana Renko to buy a condo in Burnaby in 2022.
Being a first-time home buyer in the insanely competitive Vancouver market can be extremely overwhelming. I knew nothing about buying a home and really didn’t even know where to begin. My brother referred me to Michael Miller and said he was incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated to his clients. As soon as I spoke with Michael on the phone, I felt more relaxed about this daunting home buying situation. He explained the process to me and what to expect along each step of the way. Michael was able to answer all with my questions with ease and listened carefully to what I was looking for in a home. The second week into viewings, I found the home that ticked all the boxes. I couldn’t believe that I had come across the perfect home so soon! Michael did his due diligence and collected all the data on the condo and building. One of the many attributes that makes Michael a great realtor is that he follows the data. I was well-informed of what I was potentially buying into and also from that data advised on how much to offer. I listened to what Michael had to say based off of the data and I am now sitting in the home of my dreams. Thank you, Michael Miller, for your hard work, guidance and expertise!
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Alana 2021-09-16
Helped Alana to buy a condo in Surrey in 2021.