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Your Guide to Windsor Real Estate

Located just across the river from Detroit, Windsor, Ontario, is one Canada’s most thriving cities, with opportunity and vibrancy around every corner. Windsor is a medium-sized city with a deep connection to Detroit. It was established on the automobile industry, which is still a major contributor to the city’s economy today. 

That’s not all that Windsor has to offer, however. The city is also home to other thriving industries, including tourism, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and telecommunications tech. Windsor homes for sale are reasonably priced, especially when weighed against the ample opportunities for workers in the city. 

If you’re looking for a slightly smaller, more affordable city while still being nearby major destinations like Toronto and Detroit, Windsor could be the perfect place to call home. REW is here to help you narrow the search for Windsor, Ontario real estate, ensuring you find a property that makes sense for you. Let’s have a look at the Windsor real estate market. 


Common Property Types on Windsor MLS® Listings

Windsor has properties of all shapes and sizes, making it an ideal city for professionals, new families, retirees, and anyone else interested in the opportunities in this mid-sized city. Here are the most common types of Windsor homes for sale.

  • Apartments and Condos – There are always plenty of apartments and condos for sale in Windsor, provided you’re searching in the denser north side of the city. These are ideal properties for young professionals, new families and even retirees looking for a lower-cost property for sale in Windsor.

  • Townhouses – Most townhouses for sale in Windsor are located south of the urban centre. These are small, detached homes that offer lower prices than full houses and more privacy than condos. Townhomes are suitable for professionals, new families or people looking to downsize their home. 

  • Duplexes – Duplexes for sale in Windsor are a great way to gain the benefits of an extra suite, whether you plan to host guests, have family live there or rent it out for some extra income. 

  • Detached Houses – If you’re looking for an affordable price for a full-sized house for sale, Windsor is a great place to look. Offering plenty of space and a variety of house types, the houses in Windsor are especially suitable for growing families.

  • Land for Sale – Looking for space to create a home as you see fit? The less densely-populated southern region of the city is a great place to search. Land for sale in Windsor tends to relatively affordable, and offers great opportunity without being too far from the city and its conveniences.


Browse Homes for Sale in Windsor With REW

Our real estate map is a fast, easy way to narrow down your search for property in Ontario and beyond. Browse Windsor houses for sale, apartments, condos, land and more. Get up-to-date insight on Windsor house prices, consult with an expert, mortgage broker on mortgage options, and get in touch with local listing agents to view properties firsthand. 

No matter what you’re looking for, Windsor homes have something to offer. REW is here to help you sort through the many available options for real estate in the city, with new listings being frequently supplied by MLS®. Windsor could be the perfect place to call home — you simply need to know where to look.