Yaletown’s Beach District

The Beach District like you’ve never experienced it before with a real estate (and karaoke) rockstar.

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Join us and BC’s best realtors as we embark on a great real estate adventure through Vancouver’s neighbourhoods, landmarks, pathways and people.
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11 July 2023







Yaletown's Beach District with Chantal Vignola.Meet Chantal Vignola, a remarkable woman who effortlessly balances her roles as a mother and real estate aficionado with killer dance moves. In this highly-anticipated episode, Chantal takes centre stage, captivating viewers with her passion for real estate. Boasting over 15 years of industry experience, and as the founder of The BRAND Real Estate Group, she has established herself as one of Vancouver's most esteemed professionals. Follow Chantal as she takes us through Yaletown's dazzling, dizzying and delightful Beach District.

Welcome to Yaletown.

Yaletown has undergone a remarkable transformation over the years, evolving from its humble industrial roots into a vibrant hub of urban living. Once a gritty warehouse district, it has blossomed into a hip and cosmopolitan enclave, attracting a diverse mix of residents and visitors.

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Watch Chantal’s full episode on Yaletown’s Beach District now.

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Warehouses in Yaletown, ca. 1910. Photo: Vancouver Archives Item: M-11-80

As Chantal guides us, she points out how the area's historic charm has been carefully preserved, with many buildings being restored and repurposed, blending the old with the new. Today, Yaletown exudes energy, with its tree-lined streets, sidewalk cafés, and fashionable shops transforming it into a sought-after destination for young professionals, artists, and urban dwellers seeking a mix of convenience and a vibrant social scene.

Yaletown's transformation serves as a testament to Vancouver's ability to reinvent itself, reshaping neglected spaces into thriving communities. With its unique blend of history, modernity, and a bustling social scene, it continues to captivate and inspire us all.

For Chantal, the evolution of Yaletown is not just a captivating story; it is a personal journey that fuels her commitment to the neighbourhood's ongoing growth and prosperity. Having spent most of her life living in Yaletown, her deep-rooted passion for the neighbourhood is intertwined with her identity, making her an invaluable advocate for its ongoing success.

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Yaletown's beach district

The Beach District.

Chantal tells us that this area got its name as it's just a short stroll away from the stunning English Bay Beach. This new and alluring subsection of the iconic neighbourhood had its beginnings in the development of Vancouver House by Wesbank, which took nearly 10 years to complete and finally wrapped up in 2020. Now, when you glance at the map, you'll find the Beach District on the westerly side of Yaletown, stretching from Beach Avenue to Howe Street.

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The route.

Our adventure begins in the stunning Beach District right in the heart of Yaletown. We'll cruise down Beach Avenue, seeing some standout developments such as the Pacific by Grosvenor and the Vancouver House, all the while taking in the beautiful scenery until we make our first stop at David Lam Park. Here, Chantal shares her story as a realtor, giving us some fascinating insights into her background.

Our final (and most impressive) stop on our tour is an absolute showstopper: a mind-blowing $6 million listing with jaw-dropping 360 panoramic views of downtown Vancouver.

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I have a passion for real estate because I love where I live.

Chantal is a true powerhouse in Vancouver's residential real estate scene. With a lineage of commercial realtors in her family, it's no surprise that she was destined for this path and remains whole-heartedly passionate about it to this day.

Drawing inspiration from her years of service at Earl's Kitchen & Bar, a renowned Canadian restaurant chain owned by the Fuller family (who are now her clients), Chantal excels at forging genuine connections with her clients and curating unforgettable experiences for all involved. Her exceptional ability to understand and cater to her clients' needs sets her apart, ensuring that each interaction leaves a lasting impact.

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The Listing: 1495 Richards Street

Chantal escorts us to an extraordinary $6 million listing in the coveted Beach District. This exceptional sub-penthouse boasts three bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a sprawling 2,900 square feet of pure luxury. But that's not all — a mammoth 1,600 square foot patio offers a 360-degree vista of stunning Vancouver. This is a great investment for a homeseeker who owns real estate in highly-coveted areas such as West Vancouver, but craves the excitement of downtown living without sacrificing outdoor space.

Finding a patio oasis like this is no small feat. Chantal urges homeseekers who refuse to compromise on outdoor living to prioritize this must-have feature when hunting for a condo. Whether it's a cozy 100 square feet or an expansive 1,600, having that additional space allows you to embrace your community and relish the joys of fresh air.

What we learned along the way.

Chantal passionately champions the long-term, investment view of real estate and the importance of diving into the market whenever possible to ride the wave of growth.

Chantal Vignola

The BRAND Real Estate Group


While her featured listing may not be entry-level, it serves as a prime example of the opportunities that await those who are willing to climb the real estate ladder. With strategic investments, you can position yourself for a future brimming with potential.

The increasing fragmentation of downtown Vancouver with new developments emerging to meet the demands of a thriving economy is rapidly reshaping the city's landscape, providing opportunity to find the piece that’s a perfect fit for you.

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