5 Canadian Real Estate Podcasts You Need to Listen To

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Listen to these five podcasts to get a greater understanding of the Canadian real estate market. 

As more Canadians get fully vaccinated, it’s only a matter of time until many workers head back into the office, and with that comes the return of the commute to work. If you find yourself in this category, don’t despair. Educate and entertain yourself as you drive by listening to one of these top Canadian real estate podcasts. From small local publishers to prominent nationwide publications, there’s something for everyone on this list. Listen to these five podcasts to get a greater understanding of the Canadian real estate market.

1. Stress Test

We’re starting our list with a podcast that isn’t exclusively about real estate. However, real estate is a frequently covered topic on many episodes - and it’s done exceptionally well. Stress Test is a podcast born during the pandemic by the Globe and Mail, focusing on financial and real estate planning for 20-40-year-olds. The show is fantastic, so much so that Stress Test was nominated for a Webby for the best business podcast of 2021.

Hosts Rob Carrick and Roma Luciw are the Globe and Mail’s Personal Finance Columnist and Personal Finance Editor, respectively, who offer excellent commentary. They also interview Canadians experiencing many of the real estate changes taking place across the country. This formula gives listeners first-hand accounts of individuals who have moved from the city to the suburbs or found real estate in different provinces altogether. The podcast does a great job of educating listeners through engaging stories. You’ll be hooked from the first episode.

Try listening to these four episodes to start:

-Big City Exodus: How Far Would You Move to Buy an Affordable Home?

-Priced Out: Young Canadians on Trying to Buy in a Wild Real Estate Market

-Why are Canadians Leaving the Cities They Love?

-What You Should Know Before You Buy a Home

2. The Vancouver Real Estate Podcast

Producing podcast episodes for the last five years, hosts Adam and Matt Scalena create episodes that analyze and offer insights on the Vancouver market. They also touch on several other major markets in British Columbia, from Kelowna to Victoria and beyond.

Topics on the podcast are broad. With nearly 300 episodes, Adam and Matt have covered various interesting subjects, including presale condos, research tools, real estate investing, buying, selling, and everything in between. They also interview fantastic local guests, including a recent interview with Tom Davidoff, the Associate Professor and Director of the UBC Centre for Urban Economics and Real Estate at Sauder School of Business, and Conor Dougherty, Economics Reporter at The New York Times.

For an overview of the major markets in BC, The Vancouver Real Estate Podcast should be your go-to podcast. Listen to their monthly market updates to stay on top of trends and current market movements.

Try listening to these four episodes to start:

-Urban Markets on Fire: Vancouver and Victoria Real Estate

-The Future of Kelowna Real Estate

-Legacy Building with Bosa Properties CEO Colin Bosa

-Vancouver Real Estate and the Future of Urban Mobility

3. The Saretsky Show

While The Saretsky Show is currently a YouTube show, it was hard not to include it on our list. The show is just as enjoyable to listen to while it’s in your pocket with your headphones in, so we’re not going to be too picky about it not officially being a podcast - mainly because it’s too good not to mention here.

Saretsky is a Realtor in Vancouver and a popular writer, attracting thousands of readers to both his newsletter and blog. His commentary focuses on the statistics, financial landscape, and policies that affect the real estate market, which is offered in both solo standalone episodes and interviews with guests. If you’re looking to understand why the real estate market does what it does and indicators that could tell you where it’s headed, you’ll love this show. Saretsky has indicated that he’ll soon be turning the show into a traditional podcast as well, so we’ll eagerly await its release.

Try listening to these four episodes to start:

-Record Low Interest Rates Inflate Household Wealth to New Record High

-Forecasting Canadian Real Estate Prices

-This One Policy is Explicitly Designed to Raise Real Estate Prices

-Some Canadian Cities are in a Housing Bubble

4. Where Should I Invest?

As the intro of the show says, this is a podcast for real estate investors looking to sharpen their skills or for individuals looking to begin investing in real estate. Host Sarah Larbi’s show is conducted in interview format, bringing on a new guest every episode and going in-depth on niche topics specific to real estate investing. Where Should I Invest takes a deep dive into the subject matter, with most episodes running around one hour in length and covering a lot of information.

If you’re looking for actionable tips on real estate investing, like how to find reliable contractors or what to look for in a pre-build, you’ve found the podcast for you.

Try listening to these four episodes to start:

-How to Ride the Wave of Investing in Edmonton

-Terms & Flexibility: How to Pick the Right Mortgage For You

-What to Look for in Pre-Construction Condos

-Understanding the Renovation Process for Investors

5. Multiple Offers

Arguably the best-named podcast on our list, Multiple Offers is an excellent podcast from a trio of hosts who live and breathe real estate. Run by Geoff McLennan with co-hosts Matt Brabbins and Jeremy Rae, the show has many episodes for everyday home seekers, but we’d mostly recommend it as a podcast for fellow real estate professionals. The hosts offer their views on agents, sales strategies, and the Canadian market in general, with humour naturally injected into every episode. Though Multiple Offers hasn’t aired an episode this year, a lot of the content is evergreen, as you can see by the topics below. It won’t feel dated to go back and listen to these episodes.

Try listening to these four episodes to start:

-Realtors on Realtors: A Friendly Chat About Pet Peeves

-Your Notary Matters...A Lot

-Low Ball Offers: When Do They Actually Work?

-Top Questions From Rookie Agents

Subscribe to these five Canadian real estate podcasts and throw a few episodes into your rotation. Whether you’re out for a walk, commuting to work, or just listening in the comfort of your own home, you’re sure to be entertained while getting more knowledge about the Canadian market at the same time.


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