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Katrina Amurao PREC* is an agent with RE/MAX 2000 Realty. Check out Katrina's active listings and/or office listings. To contact Katrina, call 604-507-0200.

Katrina Amurao PREC* is an agent with RE/MAX 2000 Realty. Check out Katrina's active listings and/or office listings. To contact Katrina, call 604-507-0200.

Marijane Lagrisola 08/03/22 Google
Marijane Lagrisola worked with Katrina Amurao PREC* in 2022.
Buying a house at this time has not been easy, but Aman Nagra has helped us so much throughout the entire process. He negotiated and helped us to find our house. Moving quickly and always helping us and was there when we wanted to go see any. We were very impressed by his professionalism and personal approach to our specific needs. Thanks Aman! We also would like to thank VJ Oco for selling our house and taking care of us. He explained everything so clearly and calmly while still taking the time to answer our questions. Thanks VJ! Thank you Katrina and the entire team for helping us in this stressful process. We would like to refer them to anyone looking in buying and selling their home. Such a great and wonderful team.
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almira galvez 08/03/22 Google
almira galvez worked with Katrina Amurao PREC* in 2022.
Adrianne is very helpful in finding our home, answer all the questions we asked, we feel very comfortable with him, feels like he is a member of our family that gives his best to help. If God will give us another opportunity to buy again we will definitely ask for Adrianne to help us. Thank you so much Katrina & The Team especially to Adrianne.
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Stephanie Lorenzo 08/03/22 Google
Stephanie Lorenzo worked with Katrina Amurao PREC* in 2022.
Thank you to our Realtor Jas for negotiation for our investment property. He was sure to be on top of the process making it stress-free on our end. Looking forward to working with him again on our other future properties!
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Leo Henson 08/03/22 Google
Leo Henson worked with Katrina Amurao PREC* in 2022.
when we decided to sell our place for the purpose of downsizing,we knew that it was going to be a tedious process not to mention stressful...we were ready to do business with another realty when a friend mentioned that he personally knew an outfit called katrina and the team and that we should at least meet with them and see what they had on the table...long story short,we met with katrina and jas and almost immediately there was a rapport between two parties that exceeded far more than just a business deal...it was personal and they made us feel that my wife and i were in full control of every aspect of the deal and at the end of the day, it would be entirely up to us to call the shots...we definitely knew that we were in good hands and everything was going to be just fine....
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Annabel Mayores 08/02/22 Google
Annabel Mayores worked with Katrina Amurao PREC* in 2022.
Our profuse thanks to our realtor, Ms. ADONA HAMTO of Katrina & The Team, who showed our unit and sold it in a surprisingly short span of seven days way above our asking price! Her winning ways, her attention to details and her awesome presentation, which we have noticed, must have caught many others' attention, leading to the desired early sale..Now we are reaping the benefits, as we enjoy the peace of mind it brings us. Thanks, ADONA, for the service that is beyond expectation! Thanks also to KATRINA, MONICA, RODNEY and to KATRINA & THE TEAM as a whole. You, guys, are great and we will definitely recommend your service to our friends and family.
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Mn Rey 08/02/22 Google
Mn Rey worked with Katrina Amurao PREC* in 2022.
My family is truly grateful to “Katrina and the team”. The day we were looking for a house where we could call a “DREAM HOME”, phoned Katrina and responded quickly. Immediately, someone from the team named ADRIANNE AGTANG reached us and the first meeting was conceived and right away, I have my 100% trust. The way they worked has a system and processes – I love that since we are new to BC Housing market. Adrianne was so professional even when there are questions and challenges we faced throughout the process, he is always there ready to answer our calls – day and even late evenings. Now, we are living in our dream home and this was possible through Adrianne, his hardworking, assistance and guidance in every step of the processes. I would highly recommend more than 100%, the KATRINA TEAM, as they really care for your needs (being a buyer), to our friends, co-worker, families and to everyone looking to buy their dream home to be. Not only that, due to COVID-19 restrictions, our house warming was postponed. However, they are still providing “FREE” house warming food compliments, anytime in the future. We are absolutely satisfied of their services, definitely, I’d say they are the BEST.
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Mark Uy 08/02/22 Google
Mark Uy worked with Katrina Amurao PREC* in 2022.
The strategy of Katrina Amurao and Dal Sandhu allowed my family to secure our home. They helped us get the best possible offer for our place and worked on our tight budget to cover our house upgrade. They showed us every single property that are on the market and are very knowledgeable in the area. Their team tirelessly answered all of our concerns and made sure that our move was seamless. Even after we moved, they still check back to make sure everything went well. I definitely recommend them whether your just planning or already decided to buy or sell real estate.
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Tess Villanueva 08/02/22 Google
Tess Villanueva worked with Katrina Amurao PREC* in 2022.
Thanks for all your help. Will definitely work with you again. Keep up the great work!!
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J Beaudet 08/02/22 Google
J Beaudet worked with Katrina Amurao PREC* in 2022.
I had the chance to have Joseph as a realtor and boy does this chap get want you want and need while being the sweetest guy! I will use Joseph services when ill sell and i put my word down for Joseph to get any jobs he's put to done and dusted. Highly recommend!!!
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Willy Halim 08/02/22 Google
Willy Halim worked with Katrina Amurao PREC* in 2022.
We made our first home purchase with Jane from Katrina & The Team and would totally recommend her if you're looking for any help to purchase or sell a property. Jane was very attentive, communicative, helpful, proactive and responsive during the whole process (from pre-sale all the way to post-sale). Jane was always ready to represent us to the developer whenever we had any concerns or questions. We are very glad to have her on this journey and we are sure you will too!
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Alfredo Locquiao 08/02/22 Google
Alfredo Locquiao worked with Katrina Amurao PREC* in 2022.
I would like to thank Katrina and the team for helping me and my family buy a new place! Special thanks to my realtor Joseph and my Mortgage broker Christian and the team, We are very grateful and happy for my new Place.. Thank you! Chanda & Alfredo Locquiao
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Marie Anne Asirit 08/02/22 Google
Marie Anne Asirit worked with Katrina Amurao PREC* in 2022.
ADONA HAMTO from Katrina and the team, not just my realtor but a friend who's always ready to help find your new dream home. She's encouraging, respond fast, informative and hard working. Her focus on her client's brings out the best in her. Such a wonderful experience having her as our realtor. Highly recommended ADONA HAMTO
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Erick B 08/01/22 Google
Erick B worked with Katrina Amurao PREC* in 2022.
JAS RAI from Katrina & the team did an exceptional job supporting us in finding our first home. He gave us all the information we required and more. He explained everything in a structured way to help us understand the entire process. He made every step simple and ensured we felt supported from start to finish! To add Katrina & the team over the holiday season held some wonderful events giving back to the community. Many thanks to Katrina & the team and we are looking forward to working with Jas again in the future!
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ArvieJoy Guzman 08/01/22 Google
ArvieJoy Guzman worked with Katrina Amurao PREC* in 2022.
Katrina & The Team is our go-to realtors. For the purchase of our 3rd property, the agent we dealt with this time is Adona Hamto. She was very responsive and went above and beyond with all of our inquiries, booking appointments on short notices, providing information we needed to know prior to looking at properties, and making sure everything went smoothly up to the purchase of our next property. Truly professional and we highly recommend Adona Hamto as well as Katrina & The Team for your next home purchase or selling. A
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Vibha Dave 04/29/22
Helped Vibha Dave to buy & sell a home(s) in Surrey in 2022.
Team is definitely professional, quick, friendly however we incurred huge loss in this entire transaction of selling & buying even after hiring experienced and trusted team. Selling representative Dal Sandhu was unable to get us the promised price even on the conservative side. He definitely need to work on his conservative prices which he is promising to his clients. He need to learn to change strategies as per the time requirement as well as need to treat each client fairly. When this was advised to Katrina unfortunately she still feels her team did their best and that their is no scope of improvement from her team's end. I lost money so I am giving 1 star as it's a huge loss for me & my family. It will take years to overcome it. Please be aware that they don't take any responsibility of your loss.
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Listed and Sold a townhouse in Surrey for MARIA CUSTODIO in 2022.
I would like to boast Realtor Monica MacLeod for a impeccable service rendered she provided. Monica took time to explain the documents, she made sure I understand everything. The review from video is a true testament about the Katrina Team, it is team like Monica that echoes the exemplary of what a Realtor should be, which is to adhere customers needs, understand and guide thru the process without the sales monotone. Monica had won my utmost trust, confidence and genuinely with a heart of gold. She had execute with dispatch the sale of my townhouse. also would like to thank the Stager Excellent touch to make my place wow factor, Photographer and Videographer. HATS OFF TO THE TEAM!
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Del Rosario Family 12/08/21
Listed and Sold a townhouse in Langley for Del Rosario Family in 2021.
Marjorie Si Javier 11/06/21
Helped Marjorie Si Javier to buy a condo in Surrey in 2020.
Lucky Manglo 11/06/21
Helped Lucky Manglo to buy a condo in Langley in 2021.
Gerard Rafols 11/06/21
Helped Gerard Rafols to buy a townhouse in Langley in 2013.
Nina Bautista 11/06/21
Helped Nina Bautista to buy a condo in Langley in 2021.
Christopher SAWYER 11/06/21
Helped Christopher SAWYER to buy & sell a home(s) in Surrey in 2020.
Carmie Q 11/06/21
Helped Carmie Q to buy & sell a home(s) in Surrey in 2019.
Kenard Co 11/06/21
Helped Kenard Co to buy a townhouse in Surrey in 2021.
Raymund Dellera 11/06/21
Helped Raymund Dellera to buy a condo in Port Coquitlam in 2020.