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Morning is a Realtor you can trust in Vancouver. 

Morning Yu graduated from Shenzhen University in China, majoring in English. Afterwards, she worked for the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and China Pacific Insurance Company. She studied in France in 1996 and obtained an MBA degree there. She immigrated to Canada in 2001 and worked as a licensed general insurance broker in a local Canadian insurance broker company. Since 2013, she excelled in the real estate career and achieved the status of Top 10 Agents. In 2015, Morning and her team is the #7 sales ranking in the REBGV. Team Morning Yu had sold more than 400 properties in 2015 and 2016.

Morning Yu is committed to helping clients handle all real estate related businesses. And she and her team are looking forward to providing you with satisfactory and reliable real estate and investment services in Canada.


羽晨, 畢業於深圳大學英語系,後就職於中國工商銀行、中國太平洋保險公司。 1996年赴法留學,獲MBA學位。 2001年移民加拿大. 2013開始,羽晨在地產領域脱颖而出。2013 - 2016年,获大温地产局金牌经纪的殊荣。2014-2016年大温顶级金牌团队殊荣。 2015年羽晨團隊是全大溫地區銷售排名第7名。成績驕人! 羽晨在2016年秋加盟新趨勢地產公司。现为新趨勢地產公司温西,列治文以及素里联合首席谈判专家。2015和2016年羽晨团队共成功交易了逾400套房产。

同言同“羽“, 置業良“晨”:羽晨期待著為您在加國的房地產置業安居及投資提供滿意及放心的服務。


Cantonese, Mandarin, English, French