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Jenna is a top producing agent in Squamish. She will work harder then anyone to deliver the best results, no matter the budget.

Steve 09/11/21
Listed and Sold a house in Squamish for Steve in 2021.
Pam 09/11/21
Helped Pam to buy & sell a home(s) in Squamish in 2021.
Adam 09/11/21
Helped Adam to buy a house in Squamish in 2021.
Suzanne 09/11/21
Helped Suzanne to buy & sell a home(s) in Squamish in 2021.
Tom Russell 07/27/21 Google
Tom Russell worked with Jenna Franze in 2021.
We carried out multiple viewings over 6 months all over Squamish and Jenna walked us through every one with great advice on the areas, specific developments and properties. She listened to what we were looking for and really helped us tailor our search and find a perfect home for our family. She was always positive and motivated to help us on our search. Can't recommend her highly enough.
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Ian Flynn 07/27/21 Google
Ian Flynn worked with Jenna Franze in 2021.
My partner and I were at a pivotal point in our decision on whether we were going to pack up and leave the town we love, or give it one last chance. Jenna came highly recommended by 3 of my trusted friends for good reason. From the get go she was punctual to all showings, honest, accurate accurate in her opinions and never pressured us. It was a completely smooth and painless process all the way to the end when she showed up with an amazing gift package and Champaign!
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Jennifer E. 05/27/21 Google
Helped Jennifer E. to buy a property in 2021.
Jenna was amazing throughout our search for our home, the purchase and any details afterwards! She was always available to answer our questions and an excellent negotiator. Will definitely be working with her again!
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Sabrina 04/21/21
Helped Sabrina to buy & sell a home(s) in Squamish in 2021.
Michaela Bentley 03/27/21 Google
Listed and Sold a property for Michaela Bentley in 2021.
Jenna is an amazing realtor. She sold our Squamish home in less than a week, well over our asking price. She helped us with pricing and even staging. She really knows the Squamish market better than anyone else, and is both professional and personable. We highly recommend Jenna to anyone looking for a great agent in Squamish! Thanks Jenna for all your hard work!
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Jeff Nikula 02/27/21 Google
Helped Jeff Nikula to buy & sell a home(s) in 2021.
Jenna is the go to realtor if your moving to squamish. I chose Jenna because she was a squamish local and had a very good social media presence and im glad i did. She was super speedy to reply to my first email ( on a saturday night ) then throughout the whole process she was always a quick txt / reply away. Jenna also was very on point with all the small details and things i should know with certain areas and houses , plus she was very helpful with the contract details . When i was selling my house in the city i had a couple offers fall thru while i was on a time crunch to get my squamish house , Jenna and my other realtor cordinated the dates and other details that kept changing so it made the purchase side of things go so super smooth and as stress free as it could be for myself . I highly reccomend Jenna if your looking for a realtor in squamish , wether your a first time buyer/ seller or someone who has been through the buying and selling process before you wont be disappointed . Even after moving here if i need help finding a company or person to do things she seems to have a recommendation for what ever you need!
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Norah Brown 02/27/21 Google
Norah Brown worked with Jenna Franze in 2021.
Jenna is a fantastic realtor. She is fast and efficient. She’s tech savvy which made everything super easy from getting feedback on viewings to signing documents. She’s extremely knowledgeable about the area and has her finger on the pulse of the market. Would absolutely recommend her.
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James W 02/21/21
Listed and Sold a house in Squamish for James W in 2021.
Alex Gap 02/21/21
Helped Alex Gap to buy a house in Squamish in 2021.
joe grano 01/27/21 Google
Helped joe grano to buy a property in 2021.
Jenna helped us find the perfect home once we decided we wanted to buy in Squamish. She was professional, responsive, informative, and very personable. She helped educate us on the different options and neighborhoods, developed an understanding of our needs and was able to guide us on our way to a purchase which we are 110% in love with.
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Claire Macdonald 12/27/20 Google
Helped Claire Macdonald to buy a property in 2020.
Jenna helped us buy our new home in Squamish and we are so happy here! Jenna was a pleasure to work with and answered all our questions which was very helpful as new home buyers. We really appreciated all the support she provided us and couldn't be happier living in the new house she helped us buy!
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Chloe 12/22/20
Helped Chloe to buy a townhouse in Squamish in 2020.
Renee 12/22/20
Listed and Sold a townhouse in Squamish for Renee in 2020.
Steve 12/22/20
Helped Steve to buy a townhouse in Squamish in 2020.
Adam K 12/22/20
Helped Adam K to buy a house in Squamish in 2020.
Andrew Leyland 10/27/20 Google
Andrew Leyland worked with Jenna Franze in 2020.
Jenna is an incredibly professional, courteous, and responsive realtor. She helped answer all our questions as first-time home buyers, and went above and beyond to ensure that all our needs were met. I will definitely reach out to Jenna again in the future!
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Taryn McGilp 10/27/20 Google
Helped Taryn McGilp to buy a property in 2020.
Jenna helped me and my boyfriend through our first time buying a home and we could not have asked for a better realtor! She is so knowledgeable about the Squamish market from all aspects (real estate, future development, social aspects and all the outdoor adventuring to be found!). She was quick to answer all our questions in the process of buying for the first time and made us feel super comfortable with our first purchase :) Thanks a million Jenna!
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Matthew Zook 10/27/20 Google
Matthew Zook worked with Jenna Franze in 2020.
We worked with Jenna to find and close on a Squamish townhome in Aug 2020. We are the typical young growing family currently living in Vancouver. Looking for more space, better value, and to be closer to Whistler on the weekends. Jenna was fantastic. She's friendly, personable and always quick to get back of us, if not one step ahead of us. She helped us understand Squamish's real estate, neighbourhoods and schools. And she seemed to have great relationships with the other realtors as well as both the big and small developers. Made a huge difference in our ability to confidently find and quickly close on our new Townhouse. Highly recommend Jenna. :-)
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Suzanne 10/19/20
Helped Suzanne to buy & sell a home(s) in Squamish in 2020.
Adam K 10/19/20
Listed and Sold a house in Squamish for Adam K in 2020.
Sarah Z 10/15/20
Helped Sarah Z to buy a townhouse in Squamish in 2020.