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In 2014, Vincent Tong had just earned his Bachelor of Biology at UBC. The idea was to pursue a medical speciality degree. But Tong had a change of heart.

“I was struggling with the fact that I would need to go back to university to specialize,” says Tong. “My mom was a mortgage broker, so I decided I would rather give finance a try than attend another eight years of university.”

Of his 180-degree career change, Tong says he has no regrets.

Today, the award-winning managing broker and co-founder at Signature Mortgages, a division of Clear Trust Mortgages, is a top producing agent at the flagship company.

His Google reviews are all five-stars, something that humbles him. Words like reliable, trustworthy, responsive and knowledgeable are echoed over and over again.

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The move towards finance.

As an avid investor and finance enthusiast, Tong believes the foundations of a successful mortgage career lie in truly wanting to help people get into the right mortgage and into a home.

Treating people with the respect they deserve and being there to help them goes a very long way,” says Tong. “When I can assist a client and even help them save money in the long term, the reward factor is huge.

Vincent Tong

In addition, he says that helping his clients understand the process from beginning to the end, and having the ability to explain the ins and outs of a mortgage, are also satisfying parts of his career.

Finding time for others.

Out of the office, Tong and his fiancée Victoria explore the world of culinary travel.

“We love to travel to eat at our favourite places in countries like France, Japan and Korea,” says Tong. “I also love to cook and I just opened Tozen Japanese Restaurant in Vancouver.

He explains that the finance and restaurant industries are very symbiotic.

“The balance is easier than most think,” Tong says. “I rely on the support of my staff in both businesses to make things run smoothly.”

Volunteering for nonprofit organizations such as the Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald House are also near and dear to Tong.

After Christmas each year, Tong and his team head to Ronald McDonald House where they spend about six hours cooking meals for the families with children undergoing hospital treatments.

“We go buy the ingredients, which are from a curated menu that the Ronald McDonald House staff approved, and then we serve and clean up,” says Tong.

For three years, Tong volunteered during the Chinese version of the Children’s Miracle Network, a televised fundraiser seeking donations for children’s hospitals across Canada.

Throughout the year, there are other charities, such as Canadian Blood Services and other local charities that he tries to help, whether through volunteering his time or providing monetary donations.

“I really believe that mortgage brokers are really blessed to be in this business, so I feel a tremendous need to give back to those less fortunate or sick,” says Tong.

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