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Get ready for an exhilarating real estate adventure as RealTours Season 1 receives the official green light. Prepare to explore several diverse neighbourhoods alongside multiple fresh faces and one familiar cast member who bring their unique personalities and expertise to the world of real estate.Together, we'll navigate through BC's most sought-after, misunderstood, and downright awesome communities, unveiling the hidden gems and uncovering the untold stories behind each one. From vibrant urban districts to serene suburban havens, this season promises to showcase the rich tapestry of BC's real estate landscape like never before.

Picture this: We follow our host, Stephen Tadgh, as he embarks on a mission to learn everything he needs to make buying a home a little less scary with the help of BC’s top real estate agents.

Whether you're a house-hunting aficionado or just a nosy neighbour, RealTours Season 1 will give you a front-row seat to the city's real estate scene through the lens of the realtors who know it best. Think stunning visuals, real stories, and insider tips that will leave you feeling more connected to Vancouver's diverse communities and the people who help make a house feel like a home. And let’s not forget about the REW wrapped car, police escorts, and grade-A production.

With RealTours, we have this incredible opportunity to explore the most interesting neighbourhoods on REW with the best realtors in BC in an authentic, informative and entertaining way. I believe this show will challenge perceptions and shine a new light on both realtors and the neighbourhoods they love.


So fasten your seatbelts and join us on this thrilling journey as we dive deep into the heart and soul of each neighbourhood, discovering what makes them truly special. RealTours Season 1, launching this fall, is going to take you on a ride you won't forget.

The Pre-Season that made it all possible.

None of this would have been possible without the dedicated efforts of our incredible team who played a vital role in creating our three Pre-Season episodes. We sent Stephen fearlessly into the wild armed with only a go-pro, a three-word brief, and a hand-picked group of realtors to see what magic they could create. And boy, did they deliver. Our team worked tirelessly to bring these episodes to life, laying the foundation for what has now become the eagerly anticipated inaugural season of RealTours.

Today, we are thrilled to release the official Pre-Season trailer, which showcasing the transformation each episode underwent – from raw footage to becoming the gateway to something greater for our community. We are so grateful to Adina Dragasanu, Casey Reynolds, and Chantal Vignola, whose participation was instrumental in turning RealTours from a distant dream into a reality.

Without further ado, we invite you to watch the official trailer for the Pre-Season episodes, offering a taste of what awaits with the launch of RealTours Season 1 this fall. Get ready for an exciting adventure that will redefine how you experience the world of real estate.

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