A once-in-a-lifetime tour of Cambie with one of British Columbia’s powerhouse realtors.

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Join us and BC’s best realtors as we embark on a great real estate adventure through Vancouver’s neighbourhoods, landmarks, pathways and people.
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27 June 2023







Cambie with Adina Dragasanu.Adina Dragasanu stands out in Vancouver's fiercely competitive market. The spirit that saw her serve her first year in real estate with pretty much zero compensation is the same one that inspires her clients to stay ahead of the game today.With over 12 years of experience, this renowned real estate agent at Oakwyn Realty Ltd. is exactly the kind of powerhouse you would want to help guide you. So let the Tour begin.
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Watch Adina’s full episode on Cambie now.

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Welcome to Cambie.

One could argue that Cambie is the epicentre of Vancouver, with the bustling thoroughfare that is the iconic Cambie Street cutting through its heart. Adina leads us through a neighbourhood where vibrant history intertwines with a rapidly-changing real estate landscape, rendering Cambie the poster child for the remarkable evolution of Vancouver itself.

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Originally a residential area, Cambie has transformed into a diverse community with a melting pot of residential, commercial, and retail spaces. Adina leads us through the lanes and landmarks of this unique neighbourhood, pointing out the wide array of housing. From charming, single-family homes and stylish condominiums to cozy townhouses and modern apartment buildings, Cambie boasts a myriad of architectural styles.

According to Adina, Cambie is incredibly well-connected when it comes to public transportation, with bus routes and the Canada Line SkyTrain providing easy access to downtown and other parts of the city, plus the Cambie Street Bridge and proximity to major roadways make it convenient for commuters by car.

With a central location, Cambiens (yes, we made that up) have an amazing host of amenities within walking distance or a short commute. This accessibility allows residents to enjoy the vibrancy of downtown while relishing the charm and community spirit of Cambie Street.

Adina guides us to the area between 16th Avenue and West Broadway. Here, many of the older homes purchased during the 80s and 90s have undergone stratification to adapt to the changing needs of the market. She shares with us that as detached houses become less accessible in today's economic climate, stratified homes provide an excellent opportunity for younger homeseekers to enter the real estate market as first-time buyers.


The Vancouver View Corridor.

As we leave the enchanting Stamps Landing, Adina shares a fascinating piece of knowledge that reveals how Vancouver prioritizes the preservation of its natural landscape: Vancouver's View Corridor. This remarkable urban planning initiative aims to safeguard and enhance the visual connections between public spaces, renowned landmarks, and the city's prominent architectural features.

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The route.

Our adventure begins in the vibrant and historic neighbourhood of Cambie Street. Adina takes us on a journey that begins at King Edward St., heading north towards downtown. But before we reach our final destination, she treats us to a quick pit stop in the charming Stamps Landing. Finally, we wrap up our tour in the bustling Yaletown, where she shares an incredible listing.

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Always find new mountains to climb.

Adina's journey to becoming a leading real estate agent began with a childhood dream of moving to Vancouver. She knew from an early age that she wanted to help people in some capacity, and it was during her university years that she discovered her fascination for the real estate industry. Witnessing the construction of homes and realizing that she could play a vital role in helping individuals find their dream homes ignited a deep passion within her.

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The Listing: Mondorian I, Yaletown, Vancouver

Adina takes us to a condo listing nestled in the vibrant neighbourhood of Yaletown, downtown Vancouver. She chose this specific listing as a great example of one of the best and most accessible types of homes for people looking to enter the market.

What we learned along the way.

Adina understands that purchasing your first home can be a stressful and challenging process. She highlights three essential considerations that homeseekers should keep in mind when embarking on this significant (and slightly terrifying) adventure, plus a few other sage real estate lessons.

Adina Dragasanu

Personal Real Estate Corportation | Oakwyn Realty Ltd.


The first consideration is lifestyle. It's crucial to evaluate your day-to-day routine and determine the location that aligns with your desired lifestyle. Choosing a neighbourhood or community that enables you to live the way you envision should be top priority for all homeseekers.

The second point Adina encourages homeseekers to consider is the building itself. Many first-time homeseekers overlook critical elements such as whether the property is a strata unit, the overall quality of construction, and any potential future maintenance or repair work that may be required. Assessing these factors is essential to avoid unexpected expenses and future headaches.

The third consideration is the layout and functionality of the space. Your home is likely to be a long-term investment, so it’s crucial that it can adapt to your changing needs. Multifunctional spaces can transform from a spare room to a child's bedroom as your family grows. Additionally, ample storage space is vital for those who tend to hold onto belongings – you know who you are. Adina encourages homeseekers to envision their future and choose a property that can accommodate their evolving requirements.

Adina tells us that stratification is when a piece of land or property is subdivided between two or more owners. This practice manifests in various forms, including duplexes, four-unit condominiums, or even a complex with several individual units.

Real estate is a long-term game that requires a long-term strategy. Adina recommends homeseekers think 10-20 years ahead and start making decisions now that will help you get there. She emphasizes the importance of working with professionals who have your best interests at heart. Whether it's a reputable realtor, investor, or inspector, surrounding yourself with trusted advisors will contribute to a successful and rewarding experience.

Get into the market when you can is Adina’s advice. That way, you’ll be able to ride the wave of rising prices over the years. Picture this: you buy a house for a modest $72,000 in 1980, then in 2023 you sell it for a jaw-dropping $2.5 million. The cost of buying a new home in today's market would be around the same, allowing you to reinvest the money you earned from the sale of your home to stay active in the market as prices continue to soar.

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