Mount Pleasant: The Heartbeat of Vancouver.

Pleasant might just be an understatement.

Words byAaron Eccles
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Neighbourhoods matter a lot. And not just for resale value, either. In their own way, they are alive. They live, breathe, grow and develop. And there’s a sense of each of these places, something that’s impossible to engineer; a certain feeling that comes from knowing the people in your community, and of feeling like you’re a part of it.

If you’ve never had your butcher offer you a free bag of bones for your dog, or had your barista warmly welcome you by your first name, you’re missing out on that neighbourhood that everyone should be searching for. We’re here to help you find it.

Lay of the land.

A neighbourhood that straddles both the east and west sides of Vancouver, it’s hard to paint with a broad brush when you talk about Mount Pleasant. The west side starts at Ontario Street and stretches to Cambie, from 16th Avenue to about 5th Avenue. On the east, it extends from Ontario Street to Clarke Street, from 16th Avenue to Terminal. Covering such a large and diverse area means that there’s more than one vibe in Mount Pleasant, one of the most beloved (and least hated) neighbourhoods in Vancouver.


Take the False Creek Flats, for example. Once an industrial heartland, this section of Mount Pleasant is now a beacon of economic growth, with a focus on technology, digital media and healthcare jobs. As you journey up Main Street, the heart of Mount Pleasant at Main and Broadway pulsates with life, offering a blend of independent coffee shops, eateries and the cool-without-trying feel that often comes to define Mount Pleasant. As you venture further south, Mount Pleasant Park offers a serene escape where families, friends and nature come together to create one epic neighbourhood.

Whether it’s jobs, cool independent shops or family-friendly communities you’re after, Mount Pleasant accommodates.

On the house.

The real estate landscape of Mount Pleasant is undergoing rapid changes while still holding onto some of the past. There's a space for everyone here, from modern condos near Broadway and Main Street, tailored for first-time buyers, to charming townhomes and stratified older homes further south. As the Broadway Corridor project takes shape, the connectivity and appeal of this neighbourhood are only set to increase, making it a strategic investment for both homeowners and investors.


The limited housing growth in areas like the False Creek Flats further underscores the value of property here, with demand often outstripping supply. There are currently 8,000 people working in the Flats, a number that is expected to grow to 30,000 in the coming years. Real estate expert and RealTours Season One star Adina Dragasanu believes that with all of the expected job growth, the area is sure to be in high demand for residential buyers for a long time to come.

Room for activities.

Mount Pleasant has no shortage of things to do, which is what makes it such a lovely place to call home. The Seawall beckons cyclists and joggers, offering unparalleled views of the city and the distant mountains. For those with a penchant for art, the neighbourhood's murals and public art installations turn a simple walk into a visual feast. Breweries scattered throughout the neighbourhood provide a taste of the local craft beer scene, while the numerous independent restaurants serve up an incredible smorgasbord of global cuisines. On weekends, the local farmers' market becomes a hub of activity, with residents shopping for fresh produce and artisanal goods. And for those seeking a touch of green amidst the urban landscape, Mount Pleasant Park provides the perfect backdrop for picnics, play and relaxation.

Whether it's a day out shopping or a leisurely stroll in the park, Mount Pleasant ensures there's never a dull moment.


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Get to know the real Mount Pleasant with real estate superstar Adina Dragasanu
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Down to business.

Here are a few of our favourite businesses in Mount Pleasant, but be sure to take a stroll down Main Street and visit any of the hundreds of diverse shops in the area for yourself. You’re bound to find a local favourite that makes you feel right at home.


Earnest Ice Cream

An institution in Vancouver, Earnest Ice Cream is more than just a dessert spot. It's a mouth-watering, tastebud-shattering experience that makes you immediately understand the hype. With flavours like Whiskey Hazelnut, London Fog, Tahitian Vanilla and Jalapeno Honey Cornbread, every scoop is something new and refreshing that you won’t want to miss.


Nemesis Coffee

A haven for coffee aficionados, Nemesis Coffee offers a brew for every mood. Whether you're looking for a classic espresso or an adventurous pour-over, this is the place to be. Located next to the entrance of Emily Carr University of Art & Design’s campus, Nemesis is the centrepiece of the 20,000-square foot plaza - and its red metal shingles make it virtually unmissable. The coffee and pastries are as unforgettable as the building itself.


Brassneck Brewery

Local journalist Justin McElroy recently released his list of the ten best breweries in Southwest BC, and Brassneck Brewery came out on top. This is a true beer drinkers brewery, featuring some of the best rotating taps in the city. There’s always something new to try at Brassneck, and it’s pretty much always worth ordering a second (or third).


School's in session.

Education in Mount Pleasant mirrors the neighbourhood's ethos of diversity and community. From public to private institutions, the focus is on holistic development, giving students the ability to thrive in the world upon graduation. The neighbourhood's commitment to education makes it an ideal place for families to grow and thrive. The Vancouver School Board operates 89 elementary schools and 18 secondary schools, as well as two adult education centres. Mount Pleasant is home to multiple elementary schools, including Mount Pleasant Elementary and Nightingale Elementary, along with Tupper Secondary School off of King Edward.

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