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REW proudly presents REW Money Partners.

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REW proudly presents REW Money Partners

REW Money is different. Why? Because our sole responsibility is to guide homeseekers from the first steps on their real estate adventures through to their first nights in their new homes - and beyond.

We truly do mean that: REW Money team members like Srishti Arya, one of our legendary mortgage specialists, are genuinely not “hunting” commission. They know what it’s like to be a homeseeker, and they’re simply here to help guide Canadians home.

But don’t take our word for it, here’s Srishti’s tale of one of our first REW Money Partners, real estate professional extraordinaire, Lucky Gill.


Meet Lucky Gill.

I met Sandeep and Krithika when they reached out to us looking for a mortgage advisor. As first-time homeseekers, they didn’t really know what they were looking for. They had no specific timeline and no specific area. They had seen a new development set to complete in summer 2023, but needed someone to help guide them. I remember thinking, “I’ve so been in their shoes.”

First thing we needed was just the right realtor, and we immediately thought of Lucky Gill. We knew that Lucky would be their perfect guiding star, so I called her and we decided the best thing for Sandeep and Krithika would be to guide them together as REW Money Partners.

I connected them with Lucky, and after listening to what they were looking for, she remembered a townhouse within their budget, and took them through the pros and cons of existing vs. new build.

My first call with them was on December 19th. By January 4th, their offer had been accepted, negotiated by Lucky to $50k less than their pre-approval amount. Our partnership had already resulted in a truly incredible win-win-win.

Our next goal was to face-off against the unpredictable might of Canadian interest rates.


Right on the money.

We work with over 100 of Canada’s biggest banks, credit unions and trust companies, so I weighed up the options and discussed with them the best strategy and back-up options in case of fluctuations in our estimate. We very quickly secured an approval at a pretty decent rate. The terms were more “good” than great, and I would describe our mood as more “chill” than ecstatic with the terms.

So we worked at it even harder.

The next morning, I got an email with an offer at the exact (and I do mean exact) terms we wanted. Within 10 minutes, I was back on the phone with Sandeep and Krithika. We switched lenders, got the approval, and finished all bank financing conditions almost two months before possession and closing date - which is almost unheard of. How often is a “subject to financing” removed when the conditions have already been completed?

There truly was some magic swirling around our partnership with Lucky.

When less is more.

Truth be told, when we changed lenders for better terms for our clients, we received far less commission for far more work. But that didn’t matter. We had weekend calls translating a 10-page mortgage contract into language first-time homeseekers could understand. That didn’t matter either.

Because we’re here for the entire journey. And if that journey kicks off with a pre-approval and a client only worrying about finding their dream home, everyone wins.

So partner with us. And let’s set out on this grand real estate adventure together.



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