Five Hottest Home-Selling Stories of 2016

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Despite the hot sellers’ market – or because of it – home sellers have been looking for lots of advice this year, as these most-clicked articles reveal

It has been a sellers’ market this year in almost every part of our region, but that doesn’t mean that Greater Vancouver home sellers don’t need any advice or information – in fact, they’ve been clamouring to find out how best they could capitalize on the market. Here are the year’s top five most-read Selling stories.

5. Tips for Sellers: What's Involved in Selling a Strata Property

As 2016's hot spring market started to ramp up, agent Caitlin Radzanowski explained the intricacies of selling a condo unit in a strata building, and how different the process is compared with selling a house.

4. Townhouse Teardowns: Get Used to the Term

This column, by our resident real estate investment expert Frank O’Brien, examined how legislative changes making it easier to dissolve a strata was resulting in increasing numbers of townhouse owners selling entire complexes to developers.

3. Editorial: How to Protect Your Home Sale from “Shadow Flipping”

The “shadow flipping” story was one of the biggest real estate headlines this year, and caused many local home sellers to be fearful of falling victim to unscrupulous practices. This well-read editorial, published a few days after the shadow flipping story hit the news, tackles those fears head-on and offers practical advice.

2. In this Hot Market, Are Some Sellers Losing Their Grip on Reality?

July’s most-read story was a reaction to the scorching market conditions seen in the first half of 2016. With pretty much every seller demanding they see multiple bids over asking with no subjects, local agent Lindsie Tomlinson offered some real-world advice to adjust those expectations.

1. Infographic: Staging Your Home For Sale, Room by Room

Our most-read Selling story of the year was not really a story at all, but an infographic published in April. This super-helpful visual advice piece offers tips to sellers hoping to get the best price for their home by staging it properly for maximum “wow” factor.


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