Exclusivity meets community in South Surrey and White Rock.

Moving to the beach.

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Exclusivity meets community in South Surrey and White Rock.  hero image
South Surrey and White Rock, nestled in the southwest corner of beautiful British Columbia, are more than just picturesque neighbourhoods.

They represent a blend of exclusivity and community, each with its distinct charm and allure. South Surrey, with its expansive landscapes, offers everything from the beach to the countryside, while White Rock, with its iconic pier and views of Semiahmoo Bay, pulsates with vibrancy brought by both locals and tourists. Together, they paint a vivid picture of coastal living, where the rhythm of the waves meets the hum of urban life.

Both communities have room for growth while also having areas within their borders that are exclusive and hard to penetrate for both buyers and builders. Here’s the lay of the land.

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Room for growth.

With plenty to do in this neck of the woods and slightly better weather than almost anywhere else in Canada, it’s no surprise that White Rock and South Surrey are in high demand. Each community has responded to growth demands in its own unique way.

White Rock's response to urban expansion is vertical. The city's skyline, once almost non-existent, is now punctuated with more and more high-rises, reflecting the city's adaptation to its growing populace. The towers are pretty impressive, too, offering breathtaking views of the ocean (and even some faraway islands to the south). They’re quickly becoming the new landmarks of the city–but they still have nothing on the big white rock or pier.

On the other hand, South Surrey's growth narrative is unfolding in a different direction. East of the highway is where the community continues to grow, with Morgan Creek becoming an established neighbourhood with large lots and family-friendly amenities. The vast tracts of land in this direction offer ample opportunities for development, which has allowed South Surrey to expand without compromising its community feel.

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Where the land runs out.

Typically, in these communities, the closer you get to the water, the tighter the real estate market gets. As Peter Dolecki explained to us in Season One of RealTours, when people buy in areas like Crescent Beach, they rarely leave.

This area stands as a testament to preservation amidst growth. Unlike White Rock, where high-rises are becoming more visible, Crescent Beach remains untouched by such vertical ambitions. Here, the emphasis is on spacious lots and expansive homes, with a few incredible cottages thrown in the mix. The limited turnover in properties further accentuates its exclusivity. It's a family-friendly community where the charm of large estates reigns supreme, undisturbed by the clamour for urbanization.

The White Rock Beach area has a similar low turnover rate, with single-family homes making up most of the inventory near the beachside. White Rock Beach draws a great deal of interest from both retirees and investors, and it’s not hard to understand why. It’s an exclusive part of the province, where natural beauty and stunning views come at a premium.


The sunniest side of the province.

While the Sunshine Coast may have already nabbed the name, there’s a case to be made that White Rock-South Surrey is more deserving of that moniker. The unique blend of exclusive properties and community offers more than just a place to live, they offer a fantastic lifestyle desired by families, retirees and investors alike. The serene landscapes, the rhythmic waves, and the promise of community make them irresistible. For those fortunate enough to find a home in these locales, putting down roots and staying put for many years isn’t the exception in White Rock and South Surrey, it’s the norm. It’s the kind of community that locals are proud to call home.

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