A toast to Connection.

The celebration of the launch of REW Connect and RealTours Season One. 

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We love a reason to raise a toast.

Seventy of Greater Vancouver's top realtors joined REW at our reimagined headquarters to celebrate the launch of Connect and RealTours. At its core, this event was a celebration of dedication, connection, and collaboration. It was a testament to the collective effort that brought Connect and RealTours to life.

For context, Connect is an exclusive agent partner program that was designed to connect agents and homeseekers at exactly the right moment in a homeseeker’s real estate journey.

And if you haven’t heard of RealTours, I’m sorry to say you’ve been living under a rock. RealTours is REW’s breakthrough original content series that takes homeseekers on a journey across 14 different markets, through the lens of the real estate agents who know it best.

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An event to remember.

The Studio team, with its impressive feats and caffeine-fueled dedication, worked magic on our HQ office, turning it into a vibrant and fully functional event space. Imagine a colossal 16-foot screen, lights bathing the room in a spectrum of colours, a pulsating soundtrack that had everyone nodding along, and delectable finger-sized brisket sandwiches by Railtown Catering. To wash it all down, we partnered with two exceptional names in the beverage industry: Peroni and Red Barn Winery.

Prior to the main event (a presentation from three of REW’s leaders), our guests seized the opportunity to unwind, enjoy a drink, and network. Justin Melville, VP of Brand at REW, took the stage, setting the tone for the presentation. The focus? Connection. The leaders provided invaluable insights into the inner workings and the ethos that underpins both Connect and RealTours. A heartfelt thanks was extended to the individuals in the room who were instrumental in making it all possible - our dedicated crew and agent partners.

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Connecting with good people is so important. This event was the perfect way to celebrate the launch of both Connect and RealTours with our community of partners, in our home. Both Connect and RealTours represent the very essence of what we’re trying to do here at REW — create better homeseeker experiences by connecting them to the best partners and content.

Justin R. Melville, VP of Brand.

The power of connection.

At REW, we hold the firm conviction that without genuine connection, our brand would lack its essential spark. An exceptional digital experience forms the bedrock of any successful real estate venture. Yet we recognize that without the human touch, the entire dynamic changes. Simon Bray, REW President, guided us through a transformative narrative, one that underscored the profound significance of forging connections with our clients, fellow homeseekers, and within our own team.

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Innovation at the interface between a high-tech digital experience and a high-touch agent experience is the future for our industry and it was exciting to celebrate that future with the launch of REW's new Connect program with our top realtor partners.

Simon Bray, President.

Thank you is just the start.

While it may seem like a familiar tune, it's worth reiterating that the remarkable strides we've taken at REW owe so much to the unwavering support and trust of our agent partners. The advent of Connect and RealTours has empowered our team to revolutionize the real estate experience for our homeseekers, delivering invaluable products, services, and original content. We hope to sustain this journey for years to come, standing shoulder to shoulder with the extraordinary individuals who make real estate a song worth singing.

To learn more about Connect, visit our website.

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