5 Hottest Buying + Selling Stories of 2017


Our Buying + Selling advice section is always popular and invaluable – so which articles did you love the most this year?

5 Hottest Buying + Selling Stories of 2017 hero image
Our Buying + Selling advice section is always popular and invaluable – so which articles did you love the most this year?

From essential advice for home buyers, through handy tips for sellers, to industry insight on real estate investment, our Buying + Selling section has it all. Here’s our rundown of the five most-read stories of the year.

5. What Are BC Home Hunters’ Must-Haves? You May Be Surprised

This January article captured a lot of attention when it cited a Resonance survey revealing the surprising most-important features for respondents looking to buy a home in BC. Aside from the home’s price tag, there was one specific property feature that was even more important to buyers than number of bedrooms and size of the home – and no, it’s not location. Can you guess what it is? Click on the link above to find out!

4. 8 Creative Hacks for Buying a BC Home on a Budget

Any home buyer in British Columbia’s hyper-inflated real estate market is keen to find ways to make buying that little bit easier – and here we have eight of them. From getting creative with co-ownership to adjusting expectations on size and locations, these pearls of advice range from innovative ideas to some hard truths – and, when combined, could help any would-be home owner get into the market.

3. How to Avoid the New Mortgage “Stress Test”

One of the biggest stories of the year was that the strict new mortgage qualification regulations that were imposed on insured mortgages last fall were being extended to all new mortgage applications and refinances – even those with more than 20% down payment or home equity. This came as a shock to many of our home-buying readers, who were eager to find out whether there are any workarounds to this new rule, coming into force January 1, 2018. The answer is yes – well, kind of! Our third most-read story of the year explains.

2. Where are BC’s Best Bets for Real Estate Investment?

The first of two articles in this list offering advice on where to invest in real estate, this early November article was a rundown of the Real Estate Investment Network’s annual rankings. The research and education group identified the top 10 cities and regions in the province to put your money into bricks and mortar, based on a number of factors. Do you remember which city came out on top – again? Click through the link above for a reminder…

1. Hot Spots for Condo Investment in 2017

It seems you folks love nothing more than some expert advice on where to invest your hard-earned cash! The most-read story of the year in our Buying + Selling section was this advice piece from our own expert Frank O’Brien, editor of Western Investor newspaper, who spoke on the Real Estate Therapist radio show back in January about where to buy a condo this year. He picked four areas – one of which was Toronto. Frank’s last line is, “If I were an investor, I’d be in Toronto right now” – but he added the final caveat “as long as they don’t bring in a foreign buyer tax.” Which, of course, they did, just three months after that interview. Despite this, condo prices in the GTA are holding firm, so even those who took Frank’s advice won’t have lost out. And how about his predictions for the other three hot spots? He was right on the money.


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