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Vice President of Brand Experience, Justin R. Melville, steers us through REW’s seminal guide to all things real estate - and beyond.


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Adventure with us as we uncover the most immersive, engaging, and authentic real estate content experience in Canada.

You could say that The Guide was born from nothing. By that, I mean that we found it ridiculous that the kind of content that should exist for real estate simply didn’t exist. Imagine you were seeking something else, like a camera or a car. You would have immediate access to trusted online opinions, tests, reviews, YouTube unboxings - content without any, shall we say, “commercial motivations”.

We’re not stupid. We can all see through something written for a search engine, or to serve a bottom line. Where on earth was the real estate content that would offer Canadians some actual perspective in their purchasing journey?

The truth is that there wasn’t any. So we decided to create it: a single place on the Internet designed to serve you with the content you actually want.

There’s nothing else out there like The Guide.

At REW, we’re focused on being the ultimate guide in your homeseeking journeys. For that to be true, we simply have to offer the kinds of conversations, stories, and experiences you would want, so that there is no need for you to go anywhere else. And this can't just mean an active Twitter feed and some YouTube videos.

The Guide is a smart, dynamic, beautiful space that isn’t awash with ads, or inhabited by trolls. It’s a home for homeseekers, created for the beginning, middle and ends of your real estate adventures, no matter where they take you, or how often they repeat. The Guide is not designed to be a cover-to-cover experience; you simply pick the chapters you need for your unique real estate odyssey.

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We are not the industry. We are not even the voice of it. We are simply a place where those voices can be heard.

Justin R. Melville

Vice President of Brand Experience

Justin R. Melville

We have skin in the game.

The Guide represents the most realistic experience we could conceive of. It’s not puff. It’s balance and perspective and authenticity and credibility; the insider’s view aimed at guiding the outsider’s journey.

The Guide exists to offer a truly independent perspective you would struggle to get from anyone else. We are not the industry. We are not even the voice of it. We are simply a place where those voices can be heard, one built on the kind of data you will never find anywhere else as it’s drawn directly from what is typed into the search box of BC’s biggest real estate search platform.

Millions of Canadians have trusted us to guide them home, and we’ve translated what they’ve asked of us, and provided it with meaning.

Dive in. You’ll find the waters warm, and deep.

The Guide is the other side of the coin to home search, a space where content is brought to life, where stories can live, grow, and be collected for people at all steps of their real estate adventures.

Think of it as a content universe in the making. For example, a video about a neighbourhood called RealTours sits in an article filled with insight about that neighbourhood, its various communities, and, of course, the real estate within it. Each leads to deeper and deeper levels of information, and all of it facilitates discovery.

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Wikipedia meets Netflix.

The vision here is that The Guide will become a place of many rooms you can jump into and discover things for yourself. It’s alive. It’s growing. It’s sometimes rebellious, sometimes ahead of its time, and sometimes stuffed with things from the past. Much like an architect’s house, it is never really finished.

The Guide is a space for the most immersive, immediate and independent real estate content in Canada. It is carefully curated. Educational. Entertaining. It is the one place you will find all of the stories, insights, and instructions you will need. It exists for you, dear reader, and for our industry, and we are extraordinarily committed to it.


Help guide The Guide.

The Guide’s corridors will become filled with more and more voices. In fact, one of those voices could be yours. We want the boldest conversations, so if you think there’s something you have (or need) to say that unquestionably belongs in The Guide, let me know at [email protected]

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