Your Complete 2015 Home Maintenance Task Calendar

Your Complete 2015 Home Maintenance Task Calendar hero image
This year, will bring you essential tasks each month so you can keep on top of things at home. Here's our calendar of projects for you to follow

January is the time when we promise to be healthier, work harder and be kinder in the coming year. For some, the New Year is about cutting out the household clutter and learning to manage stress better. For others, it’s about making more time for family and friends.

For those who want to cut the clutter, de-stress and spend more time having fun, has put together a monthly home to-do list that will help you manage your schedule better. The payback of a task calendar means less time spent cleaning and more time for the important things in life.

Not sure where to start for each task? Don’t worry. Each month, will delve deeper into what exactly needs to be done for that month’s task and how to tackle it effectively.

January: This month is all about de-cluttering. Before you go out and purchase a ton of storage bins, get organize or you will soon be overwhelmed. Make a list of must-do tasks in order of importance. will provide helpful tips to make the job less stressful.

February: This month is about those often neglected spaces in your home – attics, garages and/or basements. Winter is an ideal time to sort through what you’ve been piling inside your attic/basement/garage all year-long and avoid structural damage at the same time. It’s also a great time to check for leaks and water damage. We’ll tell you how to make it easier and what to look for.

March: Spring is a time of renewal, which means “spring cleaning.” This entails going room to room and making a checklist of what needs to be cleaned and/or tossed and getting your cleaning supplies ready.

April: Before the growing season begins in May, there is much to be done before you get ready for the planting rush. An early start on your garden tasks will make you feel more confident about the gardening season.

May: Reviving your home’s exterior goes a long way to add curb appeal. There are many ways to spruce up your home’s exterior that are simple, easy to do and will improve the look of your home … it just might require a little elbow grease!

June: Finally, it’s time to head outside. Whether it’s your permanent home or summer cabin, has some great ideas for outdoor living and entertaining that will guarantee you a summer filled with laid-back enjoyment!

July: Right in the middle of summer you probably aren’t thinking about a to-do household task list. But this month is all about maintenance. This means making sure your home systems, such as wiring, air-conditioning, water heaters, vents, alarms, smoke detectors, etc. are in working order. It’s not sexy but it will keep your family safe!

August: This month is all about tips to get ready for the back-to-school rush. It’s about getting your whole house organized for the best school year yet. Before you hit the mall, there’s much more to do than going through your children’s closets.

September: The kids are back to school! September is generally cooler and the days are shorter. This is the month to make the most of what is left of the warm weather and start planting for next year's spring garden.

October: The air is chilly and frost is starting to appear on your car windows. Your roof and gutters are important to your home’s comfort. If you’ve never thought about what steps need to be taken to ensure your roof and gutters are winter-ready, will offer some great tips to keep you warm and protect your home from any damage.

November: There’s always something to be done in your garden. This month, will provide a checklist of to-do tasks to make sure your garden is properly winterized – whether it’s your vegetable garden or your flowering one, grab your gloves and gardening tools!

December: Now that Old Man Winter is in full swing, we are spending way more time indoors. This is also typically the month when your heating bills are at their highest! will give you energy-savings tips, while ensuring your chimney and heating systems are in proper working order.

Let’s be honest, organizing and cleaning isn’t most people’s idea of a great time, but don’t we just love a clean home and beautiful gardens? By setting reasonable goals, you are more likely to stay on track and get the task done. Getting your home in shape doesn’t have to be a daunting job if you give yourself a month to do each task. The benefits are that your home will be a place where you and your family can unwind and take pride and pleasure in.


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