The future of stratification: Finding the missing middle.

Navigating towards a balanced housing market in Vancouver.

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The future of stratification: Finding the missing middle. hero image
Let's not beat around the bush. The Vancouver real estate market is a wild beast. Notorious for its towering condos and charming, single-family detached homes, the city is a tale of two extremes. But in between these duelling giants, there’s a yawning gap that residents affectionately refer to as the "missing middle." Townhomes, rowhomes, and duplexes have been on Vancouver’s metaphorical milk carton for decades, and the case has run cold.

Strength lies in differences.

Stratification is as much a part of Vancouver's landscape as the North Shore mountains, but it’s causing a unique set of social and economic disparities. Our housing plan needs to include townhomes, duplexes, rowhouses, co-housing, walkups, and dingbats to achieve a balanced mix.

The real estate history books of our city are filled with chapters on this stratification topic. However, it seems the story is about to take an interesting turn, thanks to emerging trends and shifting city planning policies. Let's cast our gaze forward and get a glimpse of what lies ahead.

The future is a blank canvas.

One pivotal trend that's sending ripples through the housing pond is the growing appeal of community-oriented living. Much like a hockey team coming together for a playoff push, Vancouverites are starting to see the shared benefits of co-housing options. These shared spaces not only build a sense of camaraderie but are also a strategic solution in a city where every square foot counts.

Moreover, the changing dynamics of work culture are set to leave their imprint on the housing sector. Remote working, accelerated by the seismic shift in global circumstances, has revolutionized how we perceive the relationship between our work and living spaces. As such, the demand for varied housing options may rise, much like the price of beer at a Canucks' home game. The versatility of duplexes and rowhouses could be a perfect match for those seeking a balance between personal space and adaptable functionality.

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Cooking up a plan.

The role of city planning can't be understated in shaping the future housing contours of Vancouver. The need to address the missing middle has gained traction, and strategies are being crafted to tackle this challenge. From rezoning areas for multi-family homes to incentivizing builders for a diversified housing portfolio, to even revising property taxes - there are plenty of strategies in the playbook. Vancouver's aim should be to morph from a city of housing extremes to one that offers balanced options.

Looking out into the future, the cityscape seems to be slowly shifting. The gears of change have started turning, but let's not forget, big societal changes take time. Transforming Vancouver's housing landscape is going to require patience, concerted effort, and a blend of contributions from city planners, developers, and residents alike.


The cost of living.

Vancouver real estate is a complex subject, no doubt about it. A million dollars is a hefty sum, but when it comes to what it can buy you in this market, location is just one part of the puzzle. The variety of housing available also plays an important role.

The future of stratification in Vancouver's real estate market shows a glimmer of change on the horizon. The city is gradually recognizing the need to bridge the vast chasm between highrise condos and single-family homes by accommodating the missing middle. As we inch towards a more balanced housing scene, we could start witnessing a decline in the prevalent social and economic disparities - one housing unit at a time.


Healthy options.

Our journey towards a diverse real estate market in Vancouver has only just started. Yes, it might be a lengthy expedition, but the final destination promises a picturesque landscape of options and balance. Like when McDonald’s started serving salads. Remember how healthy we all got? Okay, maybe not.

The city has a rare opportunity to rewrite its real estate narrative. A chance to stray from the path of extremes and venture into the realm of the middle ground. The destination seems promising: a place where the notion of home isn’t confined to the extremes of towering condos or detached homes, but rather, a city that boasts a balanced blend of diverse housing options.


We can’t afford not to.

An integral part of achieving this balance is the recognition of the importance of affordable housing. Affordable housing needs to move away from being a mere afterthought to becoming a focal point in our conversations about the future of Vancouver's real estate market. It's as essential to the city's fabric as the Roxy is to our nightlife scene, and achieving this balance would go a long way in reducing social and economic disparities.

Going green.

The integration of green spaces into the city's future planning is a trend that can't be overlooked. Vancouver has always prided itself on its environmental consciousness, and ensuring that future housing developments incorporate this ethos will be key. This could mean more parks interspersed with residential areas, increased urban gardening opportunities, and a stronger emphasis on sustainable building practices. The prospect of creating more family-friendly neighbourhoods is also on the horizon. More schools, playgrounds, and community centres interspersed amongst residential developments will ultimately enhance the sense of community and foster a more inclusive city.

Let's embrace the anticipation. We’re on a journey towards a new era of Vancouver's real estate market, an era of diversity and balance. It might take a decade, and it'll definitely require some tough strategic plays, but the outcome will be worth the effort.


A new chapter.

The future of Vancouver's real estate market is a narrative yet to be fully written, but it's clear that the story must shift towards a city of balanced and diverse housing options. The stratification of the past is slowly making way for a more inclusive future – one home at a time. So here's to a diverse real estate market in Vancouver, where everyone has the opportunity to find the property type that fits their needs. Every great adventure has its twists and turns, and we're excited to see where this one leads us.


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