Real Estate Developers Have an Ace up Their Sleeve


SkyView360°​ gives buyers a virtual tour of neighbourhoods like never before

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SkyView360°​ gives buyers a virtual tour of neighbourhoods like never before

What’s the neighbourhood like?...

How do you communicate this to potential buyers or investors? A sales centre worth hundreds of thousands of dollars with videos, still images and a map with distances to local infrastructure giving the customer a disjointed idea of “what the neighborhood is actually like”.

Bring your sales centre online with ​SkyView360°​ (think Google maps on steroids) SkyView is an immersive prop tech solution which pieces the aforementioned mess together to convey the spirit of a neighborhood while giving users the feeling of actually being there.

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The user's journey begins (you guessed it), in the Sky and allows them to navigate by flying between different aerial viewpoints, tour inside buildings, highlight local amenities stores and restaurants, and engage with media content with the goal of converting interest to intent.

The intent stems from emotion and ​SkyView360°​ creates a positive user experience to ensure that potential leads are captured within the ecosystem by displaying multiple calls to action at appropriate times in appropriate places. Sales staff have the ability to tour customers virtually through the community using an online video chat function that is featured in the top right corner. This gives them the ability to guide potential buyers or investors through the community itself and execute their sales process to anyone across the globe 24/7. Unlock the international market.

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You’ve seen show suites that have those impressive and detailed scale models and marketing materials carefully placed across the walls? How long do you spend looking at the model? SkyView360° reimagines these assets, virtualizes them and enables your sales and marketing team to send and sell your development directly to the consumer on a global scale.

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Additional SkyView Features…

  • Render future buildings into the SkyView ecosystem on top of existing landscapes
  • Virtually tour apartments inside the rendered buildings to drive pre-sales before you have even broken ground
  • Document construction timelines and seamlessly transition between milestones to show progress over time360 & 3D Virtual Tours see a 450% increase in time spent on-site for better engagement and SEO
  • SkyView is able to track clicks, traffic and behavior within the ecosystem just like a regular website to ensure in-tour conversion
  • Developers can strengthen community ties by cross promoting local businesses within SkyView Iterate SkyView over time to align with your current strategic goals and build on top of your existing ecosystem

“Adapt and Overcome” is a quote used by the Marines which has never been more relevant for businesses looking to thrive during these challenging times. Those who innovate, create and adapt to the world around them quickly, will emerge as industry leaders forging new paths.

This leaves me with my final question to individuals and businesses alike: What are you doing to adapt to this new world and how are you overcoming the challenges?

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By Adam Guthridge
Director of Real Estate 360Pros Virtual Media Inc.
[email protected]
778 723 5123


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