Keltic Canada Development stands for commitment, accountability, innovation, quality and team work


Keltic Canada Development stands for commitment, accountability, innovation, quality and team work

Vancouver-based Keltic Canada Development’s purpose goes beyond building and operating great buildings. Its mission, vision, and core values guide everything they do.

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Since 2016, Keltic Canada Development has been shaping Vancouver’s real estate landscape by pushing the envelope of innovation, quality, and sustainability. Headquartered in Vancouver, Keltic is a diversified real estate development company focused on creating a superior standard of living with the highest level of craftsmanship.

With established experience in building residential, industrial, and mixed-use developments, Keltic has leveraged lessons learned in China to bring to market unmatched projects, such as Coco Oakridge, Masimo Headquarters, The Paramount, Park West and O2 in Metrotown, successfully to market.


“We are not content with the status quo; rather we are constantly looking at ways to do things better,” says Rachel Li Lei, CEO Keltic Canada Development. “Our vision is to continue building a brand that is recognized for industry-leading design, quality, and innovation, while being committed to sustainability and energy conservation.”

Pushing the boundaries of sustainable innovation:

It isn’t a coincidence that the K in the Keltic logo is green. Take for instance, Keltic’s O2 Metrotown. It was inspired by the WELL Building standards; an internationally acclaimed institute focusing on five key health pillars to support the development of wellness-focused buildings and integrated communities. The amenities space and homes integrate several wellness components, such as advanced water filtration systems, commercial-grade air purification systems and more.


A few notable firsts:

  • In 2021, Keltic secured one of the province’s largest land sales with the acquisition of 27 acres in Richmond Centre.
  • With Coco Oakridge, Keltic was one of the pioneer developers to introduce enclosed retractable glass balconies to enjoy the outdoor spaces year-round.
  • Presented a remarkable new landmark to the center of Richmond, by blending a unique First Nation’s art piece into a modern office exterior look.

Keltic’s Mission

To elevate people’s quality of life by creating communities that people are proud to call home for families and businesses.

Keltic Core Values

Keltic’s core values define the company. These forward-thinking values are reflected in everything they do. They believe its formula for success lies in its incredible team, plus strong infrastructure, and impeccable customer service.


A company with heart:

Philanthropy is very much part of the company’s ethos. “We believe in giving back, serving our communities the same way our communities have served and supported us,” says Ownership. “We are participating in the Burnaby Hospital Foundation’s renovation project, as well as funding critically important medical trials.”

Over the past three years, Keltic has also funded local Food Banks and regularly gives back to nonprofits in the communities they are involved in.


Future Projects:

2023 has been an exciting year for Keltic. Over the next 8 to 10 years, Keltic will focus on delivering more than 4,000 new homes, industrial and commercial spaces, as well as gyms, daycares and stores within its growing portfolio.

“We have broken ground on a 10-storey warehouse and light industrial office building close to the new St. Paul’s Hospital site,” says Lei. “We are here for the long-term … we want to create a legacy as a trusted, reputable and quality brand in Canada.”


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