How to… Live in a High-Rise Condo

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Bob de Wit
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With detached houses and even townhomes out of reach, people are turning to high-rise living. Here are the high points of that choice, by GVHBA’s Bob de Wit

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Vancouverites are looking to the high-rise apartment as a form of permanent housing as the cost of the single family home becomes further out of reach for the average person. Some people may consider this a setback for millennials: that perhaps they will be at a lesser advantage than previous generations. But from my viewpoint, there are some great benefits to the high rise.

The Benefits of Living the High Life

  • Affordability: Hire-rise apartments offer different entry-level pricing, based on location within the building and size of unit, creating great options for a broad range of purchasers.
  • Lifestyle: Limited space means limited chores. Consider lawn mowing and building maintenance out the door! This new-found freedom adds to personal time and quality of living.
  • Choice of municipality: Apartments, no longer a Vancouver-only housing choice, are being built across Metro Vancouver in Burquitlam, North Shore, Surrey, Langley and South Fraser to mention a few communities. People now have the choice of where to live, often within their existing neighbourhoods.
  • Convenience: Apartments predominantly located within urban centres along transit corridors provide easy access and mobility throughout Metro Vancouver. Concierge service found in some buildings adds an extra level of convenience with courier service, dry cleaning, food delivery, etc.
  • Amenities: A shared roof top patio with as good a view as the penthouse, shared barbecues, exercise room, pool, wine room, yoga studio, party room, co-op car share program, and guest suites for your out-of-town visitors – just some of the amenities to be found in apartments being built today.
  • Urban design and Livability: Gone are the days of the concrete jungle. Urban planning and municipal requirements are focused on creating mixed-use, livable cities as Vancouver densifies. Gardens, outdoor sculptures and artwork, bike and walking paths with playgrounds are just some of the community amenity contributions provided by developers as land is rezoned for apartments.
  • Interior design: Smaller space also means more efficient living. Video, CD, and photo libraries are a thing of the past. The digital world has opened the world to space efficiency, with leading-edge design ideas. The luxury of apartment living is reflected in the finishing details too. Granite countertops, designer lighting, European appliances, spa-like bathrooms – typical finishing found in apartments these days, comparable to a custom-built home.
  • Views: Vancouver’s views are maximized with state-of-the-art architectural design. Can’t afford an apartment with a view? Outdoor sitting areas, shared rooftops or cafés will most likely be just steps away.
  • Security: Apartment living provides secured space with gated parking and secure-entry key-coded elevators.
  • Urban "Grind": For those who think the elevator will be a hassle, I present the “Urban Grind” – yes, you’ve got it: the stairs. Guaranteed to keep you in shape!

Vancouver is consistently rated one of the most livable cities in the world, and from my viewpoint, the apartment is a housing choice that will provide the freedom and lifestyle for generations to come.


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