Five Great Things about Living in… Sechelt

Five Great Things about Living in… Sechelt hero image
This charming Sunshine Coast community enjoys property prices far below those in Greater Vancouver and a lot more besides. Here’s what it has to offer

Tucked away on the Sunshine Coast, Sechelt is a small town (population 9,291) with a big heart.

The older demographic (more than a third aged over 60 as of the 2011 census) indicates that there are many retirees among Sechelt’s residents, but it’s becoming a more popular location for young couples and families looking for a place to set down roots for an affordable price. The entire Sunshine Coast is actively encouraging younger people to consider the area through initiatives like the This is The Coast project, which connects locals with people thinking about embracing the coastal life.

With its strong sense of community, great property prices and striking seaside location, there are plenty of great things about living in Sechelt for residents of any age.

1. The Coastal Lifestyle

"Coasties," as locals are known, embrace the laid-back lifestyle on life on the coast. It’s all about trading the hustle and bustle of the city for “free range living,” from crafting your own job to letting your kids roam free. Since there are few major employers in Sechelt, it’s a haven for self-employed creatives, entrepreneurs and fledgling businesses taking advantage of the area’s more affordable real estate to build a strong local business community.

2. Space to Breathe

Eighty per cent of the residences in Sechelt are single-family homes, and there are no apartment or condo buildings taller than five storeys. Many of those homes come with an acre or more of land, giving families room to spread out and kids room to play.

3. Outdoor Paradise

Water enthusiast will love Sechelt, which enjoys not only the ocean coast to the south but also the calm waters of Sechelt Inlet to the north, where you will also find Porpoise Bay Provincial Park. From diving off Pier 17 at Davis Bay to Kayaking Tuwanek to hiking at Smuggler Cove, there are plenty of activities for outdoor enthusiasts. For the more adventurous, Sechelt offers world-class cold-water scuba diving all year long.

4. Vibrant Arts Community

Sechelt is an artists’ paradise with a passionate community of local artists, many of whom showcase their work during the annual Sunshine Coast Art Crawl. Sechelt hosts two major arts festivals each year: The Sechelt Arts Festival, a 10-day event each fall showcasing local dance, music, theatre and visual artists, and the Sunshine Coast Festival of the Written Arts, which brings literary stars from across the country to Sechelt each summer. The Sunshine Coast Arts Centre offers exhibitions of local work and hosts readings and musical performances throughout the year, and many local artists and artisans can be found selling their creations at the weekly Sechelt Farmers’ and Artisans’ Market – the largest outdoor market on the Sunshine Coast.

5. A Blossoming Food Scene

From old favourites like the Old Boot Eatery to newcomers like Shift Tapas Bar, Coasties have plenty of options for dining out, with many restaurants highlighting local food – especially the area’s bountiful seafood. The Blue Heron Restaurant offers fine dining, and the Lighthouse Pub is a local favourite for its stunning view of the floatplanes and seals of Sechelt Inlet. The latest foodie development in Sechelt is the local Ocean Wise sturgeon caviar produced by Northern Divine.

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