Nicole Cannon PREC*

Royal LePage Sussex

29 Recommendations
Sarah J Wyllie 11/26/21
Listed and Sold a condo in North Vancouver for Sarah J Wyllie in 2021.
Rick Giacomuzzi 08/28/21 Google
Helped Rick Giacomuzzi to buy & sell a home(s) in 2021.
We were referred to Nicole as a possible realtor to represent my aunt who was selling her property. We intended to meet at least two realtors before hiring one. On our first meeting we were so impressed with Nicole’s preparedness and style that we hired her without talking with anyone else. In addition to providing information on comparable properties, Nicole went the extra mile in offering services not typically provided by other realtors. This included assistance with removing and disposing of unwanted goods, offering to have the property cleaned before closing, and staging advice beyond the call of duty. Nicole was very strategic in helping us determine an asking price and methods to ensure that qualified buyers were identified and led through a process with the goal of receiving multiple offers. The strategy we agreed on could not have been executed better. Within days of listing we received multiple offers at or in excess of the asking price. On a personal note, Nicole is very professional and a pleasure to deal with. She was very compassionate and kind in dealing with my aunt, who like most people was finding the prospect of selling her home stressful. We strongly recommend Nicole to anyone looking to purchase or sell a home. Rick Giacomuzzi
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Melissa Nadeau 07/28/21 Google
Melissa Nadeau worked with Nicole Cannon PREC* in 2021.
I bought my first home in BC with Nicole, and I will definitely use her for future transactions. She was warm and genuine from the start. With every visit and/or discussion, my trust in her grew as she demonstrated sound arguments for her advice and opinions on different properties. She asked all the questions that were relevant during visits and followed up on unanswered questions in a timely manner by emails with the other party's realtor, always keeping me in the loop. She is smart and her knowledge and expertise are obvious and truly valuable. She is hardworking and was always readily available when I contacted her with any concerns. I really felt she had my back throughout the entire process, making it less stressful and much more enjoyable. I had worked with other realtors in the area and never felt so confident about the guidance I was given; it really felt like we were part of a team and she had my best interest as her 1st priority. I very highly recommend her as a realtor!
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David Porter 07/28/21 Google
Listed and Sold a property for David Porter in 2021.
Nicole did an amazing job staging our home for sale. Our home sold in just over a week from the time it was listed. We were very pleased to receive the asking price and were delighted with the care and professionalism that Nicole demonstrated throughout the entire process. Nicole brought a personal touch to the sale of our home, along with a laser focus and a keen attention to detail, which filled us with confidence as we moved from showing, to offer, to sale. Thank you Nicole!
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Jamileh Pourfouladchi 07/28/21 Google
Helped Jamileh Pourfouladchi to buy a property in 2021.
I met Nicole on the site of a showing, and Immediately realized she is well prepared with a unique style. She printed a beautifully put together pamphlet with love and care, which I am planning to frame and keep it as a good memory and fantastic experience with a very nice and well prepared agent that you rarely find these day. She printed out ready made answers for any possible questions about the house, which demonstrates how organized she is. She did her research and she did it with passion. She was well prepared about any heritage questions, about the inspection, about the possibility of developing a coach house or any renovation. She even invited me to see the house over and over again. She patiently worked with me as I was made plans on how to set up the bedrooms, and she always had very good and helpful suggestions. Each time I visited, I liked the house more until I fell in love with the house that I cannot wait to prepare and move in to. Our family felt very connected to Nicole and we are so happy we were able to buy that beautiful house :)
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Charis Chan 07/28/21 Google
Listed and Sold a property for Charis Chan in 2021.
Nicole sold both my parents and my properties within a short period of time. She also landed us in our dream house. She is professional, hardworking, trustworthy, honest and genuine. She is very organized, and strategic. We sat down to go through our goals and she came up with a very detailed action plan within days and our house was sold in a month - way sooner than we expected. She is very easy to talk to which makes the usual stressful process so much easier to handle. You can be sure that she would work tirelessly for your benefit and represent you the way you want to. I would highly recommend her, and will use her for our next property search.
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Corrie Baker 06/28/21 Google
Listed and Sold a lot for Corrie Baker in 2021.
Nicole sold my home recently in record time and for an amount that I was pleased with. There are a lot realtors to choose from but here is why Nicole stands out for me: * Caring attitude * Works hard to take your stress away - organizes cleaning of your house before & after - helps get rid of your junk - gives you a simple itemized list to follow for clutter removal - keeps checking up on you * Staging - Nicole and her team makes your home look the best it will ever or has ever looked. * Comprehensive statistics and pricing information * Follow up and quick answers to emails/texts * Smooth and accurate transition of paperwork Thank you Nicole, for making this momentous event less scary and even a little bit fun. I highly recommend Nicole for the selling of your home. And I will repeat this one more time, she really does care and that makes all the difference.
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Jamileh Pourfouladchi 06/17/21
Jamileh Pourfouladchi worked with Nicole Cannon PREC* in 2021 in North Vancouver.
David Porter 06/12/21
Listed and Sold a house in North Vancouver for David Porter in 2021.
Cornelia Baker 05/25/21
Listed and Sold a house in North Vancouver for Cornelia Baker in 2021.
Julie Kim 04/28/21 Google
Helped Julie Kim to buy & sell a home(s) in 2021.
If you’re thinking of selling or buying homes, Nicole is really the best agent to go. We could not be happier that we made the decision to work with Nicole. She truly works with your best interest in mind. Professional, kind, detailed and super responsive are just few words to describe her. Thanks to her and her team, we got very positive results!
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Bryan Baker 03/28/21 Google
Listed and Sold a property for Bryan Baker in 2021.
Nicole recently helped us sell our home in one week for a bit over the asking price. Her pricing strategy was spot on. She was meticulous about staging the home for photos and video and these looked amazing. There were over 2,000 views online. She also did comprehensive follow up with all the prospective buyers/agents which we think helped get the deal done. Nicole was particular about what needed to be done to prepare our home for sale, but she also found a way to help us get the house ready without unnecessary stress. Nicole will work hard for you.
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Julie 03/20/21
Helped Julie to buy & sell a home(s) in North Vancouver in 2021.
Daniel Grima 12/28/20 Google
Daniel Grima worked with Nicole Cannon PREC* in 2020.
Nicole is an incredible agent! Her attention to detail, care for our family and drive to get us the best results possible were amazing. We are so happy to have found an agent to call our own and one we will use again and again. Dan Grima
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Azadeh Meimani 11/28/20 Google
Listed and Sold a property for Azadeh Meimani in 2020.
We met Nicole at a property sale open house a few years ago and she eventually helped us sell our own home. She is a pleasure to work with and we were very happy and grateful to have her represent and help us in the sale and through the process.
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b lyt 11/28/20 Google
b lyt worked with Nicole Cannon PREC* in 2020.
If you are looking for an agent with a tireless work ethic, Nicole is for you. I have worked with her for 4 years, and she has always exceeded my expectations. A perfectionist, she is always learning, always striving, and always positive. Her integrity is evident in all of her choices. And her attitude is as sincere as it is delightful. Over the years, I have asked her countless questions and she has patiently answered all of them with thorough responses and thoughtful commentary. In addition, she has a great eye, and can “see” design possibilities in any space. She stands out, year after year, as one of the most honest, informed, and talented professionals you will ever meet.
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P Blackman 10/28/20 Google
P Blackman worked with Nicole Cannon PREC* in 2020.
It was great to work with Nicole, kind and very respectful. Always kept me updated and worked around our busy schedule. I would recommend her as a realtor
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Krista Koke 09/28/20 Google
Helped Krista Koke to buy & sell a home(s) in 2020.
Nicole sold our home and helped us find our new one during a very challenging and unique market. Her approach was incredibly hands on, from helping us stage our place, to walking us through the entire purchase process. We were beyond appreciative of her support and expertise and the amount of work she put into making this move happen for us. We highly recommend Nicole to anyone looking for an awesome realtor!
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Catherine Grima 09/28/20 Google
Helped Catherine Grima to buy & sell a home(s) in 2020.
There is no better realtor than Nicole. I would highly, highly recommend her to anyone wanting to sell or buy a property on the North Shore. Nicole genuinely puts your family's best interests first, above everything else. Nicole is highly professional and knowledgeable in her field and is held in high esteem amongst her colleagues and realtors on the North Shore. She has a warm grace and elegant style, and employs only the best photographers, videographers and cleaners to show your home to it's fullest potential. But, most of all, I trusted Nicole - she advised us when the best time was to sell, and thanks to her, we made well over-asking price. The whole experience was seamless and stress-free. Like Nicole, we believe in karma, and what's meant to be, and I know we made the best choice in selecting Nicole as our realtor. Thank you so much for making our dream a reality!
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Heidi Dobie 09/28/20 Google
Helped Heidi Dobie to buy a property in 2020.
I’ve known Nicole for several years and there was no question in my mind that when the time came she would be the right agent for me to buy my first home with. There’s a reason why all of her clients describe her as warm, patient and responsive. She goes above and beyond what I know other real estate agents do and empowers you with knowledge every step of the way. When we were at showings she was always ready to talk about actually living in the home, helping me visualize how I would be using the space. She knew so much about efficient layouts and maximizing space and storage. It was so helpful in making the final decision between two homes that I loved. When it came time to negotiate the deal, this is where her expertise shined. I was comfortable and confident to step back and let Nicole take the lead and guide me getting to the best price! Best of luck Nicole! You are so passionate about what you do and that made the experience of buying my first home even better!
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James H 09/28/20 Google
Listed and Sold a condo for James H in 2020.
Nicole helped us to sell our property in just a few weeks at record price for our building segment. Nicole took the time to meet with us and set a strategic marketing plan for our apartment. She goes above and beyond other realtors by providing top of the line service such as brochure, top of line photography, staging and more. We highly recommend using Nicole to sell your property.
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Julia Ware 09/28/20 Google
Helped Julia Ware to buy a property in 2020.
As soon as we met Nicole( who was recommended to us by our Son and Daughter-in-law who had purchased a house using Nicole) we felt confident in her ability to guide us through our house purchase. It took us quite some time to find our new home and she was very patient whilst we looked for the right one. Once we had found it, she guided us along each step of the way and nothing was ever too much trouble. Our purchase wasn’t without its problems but without Nicole’s dedication and professionalism, I’m sure the purchase would have fallen through . Her warm and friendly personality always shone through making a stressful time much nicer . Thanks Nicole for everything! ◦
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Lachlan McLeod 09/28/20 Google
Listed and Sold a property for Lachlan McLeod in 2020.
Nicole found my family the perfect house on the North Shore and helped us sell a house that was no longer working for our family size. The thing that I liked the most about working with Nicole was that she always provided us all the information and her recommendations but let us make the final decision with no push back at all. One of the things I will always be thankful for is that Nicole took a picture of us when we were given the keys to our new house.
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Emma Moffatt 09/28/20 Google
Helped Emma Moffatt to buy & sell a home(s) in 2020.
Our family had a great experience working with Nicole to sell and buy a home. Nicole was always very accommodating to understand all of our needs. She was always reachable and quick to respond to all of our questions. I'd highly recommend Nicole to any young family looking to have a smooth experience buying or selling a home. Thanks Nicole, we will always be grateful for all of your help during such a big time in our lives!!!
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Bruce Waldie 09/28/20 Google
Bruce Waldie worked with Nicole Cannon PREC* in 2020.
Nicole exceeded our expectations from day one. She knew the market inside and out and spent time to get to know our family. She was always personable and professional. We had a great rapport with her and always knew what was happening day to day. Nicole was willing to roll her sleeves up to get the job done and we never felt pressured. We will absolutely work with Nicole and her team again at the next opportunity.
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