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Shawn Brown PREC*

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Shawn Brown is a high-producing real estate agent with the West Haven Group, and is currently in the top 1% of producers.

About Shawn

Shawn is a high-producing real estate agent, in the top 1% for sales volume within the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver. He brings with him an advertising and marketing agency background that he has leveraged to become one of the most effective listing marketers in the region. Shawn also has a proven track record in working with investors in sourcing the savviest real estate investments that Metro Vancouver has to offer and invests significant time creating strategic alliances with key peo...

Shawn is a high-producing real estate agent, in the top 1% for sales volume within the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver. He brings with him an advertising and marketing agency background that he has leveraged to become one of the most effective listing marketers in the region. Shawn also has a proven track record in working with investors in sourcing the savviest real estate investments that Metro Vancouver has to offer and invests significant time creating strategic alliances with key people, which consistently proves to benefit his clients--being just one of the many reasons he has such an excellent client services track record.



We recently used Shawn for our third real estate transaction. We have thus far bought, sold, and bought again using Shawn. We love working with Shawn. On the listing side, he knows exactly what needs to be done to accomplish an excellent result. We were very pleased with him when we sold. Each time we bought, we found Shawn to be a good listener and to have a good grasp on what we were looking for. With the second place we bought, we were not the only people offering on the property. Shawn proved to be very skillful when it came to negotiating and we managed to ‘win’ the bidding war without having to pay the highest price. Shawn is an expert in his field and we plan to continue our relationship with him for years and years to come.

— Amanda Virgin

I had been trying to sell my condo for months with no success. I was referred to Shawn and quickly things changed. He refreshed my home with skill, his marketing was fantastic and high-end, and he was communicative and kept me abreast about what was going on with my listing. After just two weeks he had it sold - and for a good price!

— Trevor Stefani

We had been struggling to sell our home for three months, and we were getting virtually no showings at all. Our close friends recommended we try Shawn. He had a detailed plan and enthusiasm that we hadn’t seen before. He re-marketed the listing completely and instantly we started getting way more traffic than we had before. Within 3 weeks Shawn had successfully sold our home.

— Gina Vancek

I’ve used Shawn to sell two very different properties, as well as to buy two properties. On the listing side, Shawn proved to be uniquely skilled and willing to work hard. In both cases, he invested substantial time and resources into preparing my homes to show beautifully. He transferred both of them into show-home quality listings. This included coordinating various changes and updates and consulting with trades people and stagers. His marketing team did a fantastic job of showing off the properties and each sold very successfully for prices that exceeded my expectations. On the buy side, Shawn helped us to get a special property in Kits that turned into a bidding war. Shawn worked very hard to persuade the seller to accept our offer based on things that were outside of the offer price. I have have had great experiences with Shawn and feel good recommending him to any of my friends.

— Alex Conconi

What can I really say about Shawn Brown. My sister referred me. Shawn had sold her East Van house in 2016 for a record-breaking number in the neighbourhood. He is personable, professional, extremely hard working and actually just wonderful. We interviewed a number of realtors, and their cut is all the same. Shawn goes way beyond. The videos he created, the 3D floorplan, the immaculate photos, were all far above anything I had seen. Our apartment was sold only days after he started showing it and before he even hosted an open house. He negotiated a 1-week closing so that we could purchase another property without any bridge financing. And besides all of that, he is a lovely person. I can’t say enough good things. I don’t know why anyone would go with anybody else.

— Mira Hunter

Shawn helped us in our search for our ideal condo, paying attention to our specific needs and preferences. When we found the right place, he was excellent in securing our offer and getting things settled in this hot Vancouver market. He then sold our current place within 5 days for above asking price! He did more than what was expected to make sure we get the best deal. Shawn is very efficient, professional and extremely knowledgeable of the Vancouver property market. He is our realtor for life!

— Adriaan Nel

I engaged Shawn Brown to list and sell my downtown penthouse loft as well as to facilitate my purchase of a West End condo. Shawn went above and beyond to get my loft ready for listing by helping to stage it for showings; his efforts made a big difference in how the space photographed and showed, especially through his cutting-edge marketing strategy. He worked day and night arranging showings and following up with realtors to get their feedback. In the end, his hard work paid off – he negotiated a great selling price. Shawn used his negotiating skills again for me in the purchase of a West End condo. I got the condo I wanted for the price I wanted to pay. I have no hesitation in recommending Shawn to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a property because he delivers excellent results.

— Quinn Newcomb

Working with Shawn is working with a friend. He doesn’t pressure you into anything you’re not comfortable with, listens to you, coaches you and gives you the guidance and advice that you need to make a wise and informed decision regarding your home. Shawn worked tirelessly, using different ways of marketing my home in a weak market – he never stopped trying. He believed more than I did that my home would sell, and ended up being right. I would recommend Shawn to anyone who is looking to list or buy, as he will go above and beyond the expectations of an agent. He’s more than just a Realtor – he’s a friend to all of his clients.

— Tyson Kidd

I used Shawn to sell my condo in Chinatown. He did such a great job preparing the listing for sale: he carried out partial staging, re-arranged things, and what he did made the place look awesome! His marketing materials were very professional. He managed to put two buyers against each other and using that negotiating power broke a sales record in the building at the time. I was so pleased with the outcome and appreciate his diligence and how detail-oriented he was. I would absolutely recommend or refer Shawn whenever possible!

— Marcus Goodwin

Our family had used Shawn to purchase a house and again to purchase a condo, so when it came time to sell the condo, we used Shawn again. Shawn did a fantastic job of preparing the condo. He instructed my daughter, who lived in the condo, exactly what to do to prepare. He also recommended minor upgrades including a change of paint colour and he provided us with the colour to use. His recommendations worked very well: the space felt larger and brighter and newer. I was a little nervous about the staging at first, but Shawn reassured us. His marketing package was top notch - the place showed beautifully. It had that ‘perfect’ look that buyers love! Once the listing went active, it immediately received two offers and was sold instantly. I would recommend Shawn to anyone who is looking for an excellent buying or listing agent in the Vancouver area.

— Grandpa Bill

My husband and I were referred to Shawn by good friends of ours. We were looking to buy a larger townhouse in Queensborough and also had to sell the one we owned in the same area in order to buy. The tricky part was that the townhouse we wanted was sought after at the time, yet we had to sell in order to buy. Shawn managed to firstly get us the townhouse we wanted despite the competition. He carried out several strategies to make this happen. Once this step was accomplished, he skillfully assisted us in preparing our existing property, and then he marketed it well and got it sold quickly, with the closing dates we needed. In the end, it all went smoothly. We are now working with Shawn again on our next real estate plan - Shawn is our ‘forever’ real estate agent!

— Maureen and John Hartfiel

Shawn assisted us in purchasing a couple of investment properties downtown Vancouver. We found him to be knowledgable and to have a good grasp on the different buildings and the different neighbourhoods within each area. These properties were subsequently renovated and Shawn stepped in on many occasions to consult on the projects to watch out for our best interests. We found Shawn to be skillful and caring in his approach to property searching and property evaluating. I would recommend Shawn to anyone looking to buy an investment property. He has plenty of experience doing this and value to finding these opportunities.

— Hamed Mansouri

I found Shawn through calling on one of his listings. Right off the bat, Shawn listened to what my needs and wants were. He asked a lot of questions and he sounded like a nice person during that initial phone meeting. He then set up a property tour for us for when we visited from the Island. Shawn presented us with good options and he was also clearly honest in his opinions of each property after we left the viewing. I appreciated his honesty and could tell that he really cared about making us happy and that we get the absolute best possible value with our purchase. In the end, we bought a beautiful corner suite with fantastic views in a newer building in the Brentwood area. We are pleased with the choice we made. We would recommend Shawn to anyone we know needing help with their real estate goals.

— Clark Van Oyen

We have worked with Shawn twice, first on the buying end and recently on the selling end. In both instances, he navigated the entire real estate process with confidence, competence and a level head. The comfort this provided us cannot be overstated. From initial consultation through final sale, Shawn was prepared, organized, proactive, knowledgeable and professional. He seamlessly coordinated the work of cleaning crew, handyman, photographer and videographer over a two day period, and their work resulted in a beautiful marketing package that likely played no small role in the sale of our condo (48 hours, multiple offers, 14% above list price). We genuinely felt that Shawn was profoundly devoted to us as his clients. He always answered his phone, which when coupled with excellent communication skills, kept us informed of the ins and outs of the selling process and where we were within it at any given time. We will definitely work with Shawn again. In fact, I wish he was also a lawyer, accountant, financial planner and GP.

— Matthew Regan

Shawn worked as our Buyer’s Agent for the purchase of our Yaletown townhouse. Because the market at the time was so hot, it was very difficult for buyers to secure a good listing. Shawn deftly navigated the multiple offer process with an intelligent strategy that involved more than simply advising us to throw more money at the sellers. As a result of Shawn’s expertise, he secured that townhouse for us and we are very happy with that purchase. Shawn is fun to work with, aggressive, and very knowledgeable. Once he gets the bit between his teeth he is truly 100% dedicated to your deal. I would recommend him to anyone.

— Taylor Little

Shawn helped us both sell our condo and buy a new one. He really goes above and beyond what most realtors do. Shawn helped us with suggestions of what to do before listing and helped us to stage. He also cared about finding us a property that actually met what we wanted, and then helped us get it in a very quick seller’s market. I would easily recommend him to anyone looking for a realtor.

— Kyra Berg

Shawn was incredible to work with - I highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell. I was a first-time home buyer and had been looking for about seven months and had been unsuccessful in an offer going through. After working with Shawn for less than a month I bought an amazing one bedroom apartment for UNDER asking price. He is so knowledgeable about the Vancouver real estate market and one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met. I look forward to working with him again in the future.

— Tess Messmer

I had worked with Shawn on the purchase of my East Vancouver condo several years ago. When it came time to sell, I wanted to work with Shawn again because the first experience was a positive one. He did an awesome job of pricing it and marketing it to maximize traffic. His pricing and negotiating strategy also worked perfectly - we broke a record in the building and I was really happy with what he sold it for and what I made on this investment with Shawn. I would recommend Shawn both for buyers and sellers based on my experiences. He knows what he’s doing and what he’s talking about.

— Trevor Stefani

Shawn goes above and beyond. He initially helped me find and buy an amazing condo that I lived in for almost 4 years now, and I wouldn’t have asked for anyone else to help me with selling it. From personally helping me move my boxes to helping me choose paint colours and make important staging decisions, Shawn was very helpful, knowledgeable and efficient. Shawn really put my needs, concerns and wants first. Once on the market, we had an offer within hours! It was a very painless experience, and I highly recommend Shawn to any potential buyers or sellers.

— Lauren Abbott

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Shawn on a number of occasions. From firsthand experience, I found Shawn to be very professional, diligent, and courteous. Shawn brings a long-term perspective to the transactions he is involved with and strives to bring value to his clients during each step of the process. I appreciate that Shawn does not just try to “get the sale”, but works with clients to ensure they are making the correct long term financial decision. Shawn understands the real estate market and is prepared to guide his clients every step of the way!

— Jamieson Virgin

After a divorce forced to sell both my properties for financial and emotional reasons, Shawn not only went above and beyond selling them both (one at above-asking price) he also provided a kind heart and shoulder to lean on during the whole process. I like to think that Shawn Brown not only helped me find my new residence, but he also had the foresight and understanding to help me reach a place of happiness. Shawn Brown brokered a deal on a new start and new beginning for me, for that reason Shawn Brown will always be my realtor. I recommend him without hesitation to friends and family. I appreciated his weekly updates on my property, my building and the local market. I truly feel he presented me with well-researched information to help me make informed decisions.

— Dave M.

My home search in Vancouver started out slow. I was working with an agent before Shawn and saw close to 50 properties, but none of them were making me happy. Ready to give up, I was referred to Shawn and almost immediately he showed me two properties that I loved. I put offers on both and ended up getting the better of the two. I am very happy with what Shawn found for me and plan to keep in for years to come. I would recommend Shawn to anyone wanting a Realtor who knows what they are talking about. He listens well and really goes the extra mile to understand your wants and needs before setting out on a property search.

— Brock Penners

Shawn assisted me in purchasing a new build in Chinatown earlier this year. Shawn impressed me with his knowledge of the Vancouver real estate market and his in-depth understanding of pricing and property value. Shawn is completely dedicated to both his work and his clients. I could not be any happier with his service and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a property.

— Tanner Johnston

Shawn is an exceptional realtor. He is educated in market trends & negotiations. He truly understands how to dig to the root of what is needed by his clients and make it a reality. He is active in his process. And...of all of the realtors I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, I would say Shawn is of the most honest, trustworthy, and reliable.

— Jonathan Mattice

We worked with Steven Forlin for our move from Langley this summer. He was professional, always on time or early and did an amazing job preparing our listing within 48 hours of my request to put it on the market. We sold in less than 3 weeks in August! Steven made sure our move out clean was taken care of and he was there as we filled our moving truck too. I would definitely recommend working with Steven.

— Julie Boyer



Jenna L 08/18/22 Google
Jenna L worked with Shawn Brown PREC* in 2022.
I’m a first-time home buyer, and the thought of buying a place always seemed so far fetched and scary. I approached Yvonne to ask some questions, not expecting it to lead to much. Here I am, 6 months later in my apartment that I bought! Yvonne made the entire process easy to understand and approachable. She had a clear understanding of what I was looking for and worked her absolute hardest to ensure I was not only happy and comfortable with all moves being made, but that I was a strong force in a competitive market. She is someone that will go above and beyond for her clients to ensure they are getting what they want and are fully informed. I would recommend Yvonne in a heartbeat and would 100% work with her again!
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Kaelyn Giesbrecht 08/16/22 Google
Kaelyn Giesbrecht worked with Shawn Brown PREC* in 2022.
Shawn sold our condo and helped us purchase our dream home. The experience has been better than I could have ever hoped. He let us know exactly what to expect and how to best prepare for sale, all of which led to our condo only being on the market for 3 days. The purchase experience was just as seamless with Shawn negotiating our new purchase below asking. Rachel has also been incredible and gone way above and beyond to bring boxes and other packing material to make the move even easier.
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Jean-Sébastien Légaré 08/14/22 Google
Jean-Sébastien Légaré worked with Shawn Brown PREC* in 2022.
Yvonne was the key to unlocking our first home in a hot (yet also very uncertain) Vancouver market. She facilitated all aspects of our house hunting, from narrowing our priorities, knowing the right questions to ask realtors, knowing the neighborhoods, knowing the hidden data in strata documents, and knowing when prices are just right -- (or just too good to be true). And all the document and deposit handling, of course. She listened to all our needs: the things we expressed explicitly, we didn't have to repeat them, and the other hints we unconsciously left behind, she would surprisingly pick them up. She is knowledgeable, and well connected. She will answer all your questions, or find the right person to answer them. She will remain tirelessly dedicated and loyal to your cause, even after you've visited over 40 homes and extended what seems to be a million offers. Never once did she ask us to slow down, or pressure us to speed up or accept terms that were not to our satisfaction. She will encourage you to go at your own pace and she understands that important decisions take time. She is encouraging, genuine, and transparent in all her transactions. She had our back. She is supportive, but she also has the courage to tell you if she finds you making incorrect assumptions. Yvonne is a fantastic coordinator and collaborator. You want your realtor to work well with others, because they will be your main communication hub. The realtor is the conductor of an orchestra of listing agents, owners, lawyers, mortgage brokers, insurance brokers, home inspectors, name it (and they don't always play along.) You want a realtor that works with you, but also everyone else involved in making that transaction happen. You want your realtor to juggle, juggle fast, and never drop the ball.... And Yvonne does all of that, naturally, without you needing to ask. She shielded us from all the stressful noise, and did it with a smile! We cannot commend you, and recommend you enough!
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Jason Bradford 08/03/22 Google
Jason Bradford worked with Shawn Brown PREC* in 2022.
We've worked with Steven in the past and reached out to him again for the purchase of a larger space for our growing family. Steven helped us get our new home below asking price in a competitive market. Thank you!
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B Singh 08/03/22 Google
B Singh worked with Shawn Brown PREC* in 2022.
I'm a first time home buyer and Alec Abbott made the whole process a dream come true. He sets the bar high in the realtor community. Everything from the communication, pinpointing on what I want based off my preferences & budget to well after closing. Alec has it all. He shows great confidence, passion and I felt he genuinely wants to help me find a great property - instead of some realtors that just have their mind on their commission. If you're in the market for real estate, Alec is your go-to. You will not be disappointed; I will definitely recommend him to my friends & family. Thanks Alec!
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Marc Castillo 08/02/22 Google
Marc Castillo worked with Shawn Brown PREC* in 2022.
I had the pleasure of having Barret DeMaere represent me when selling my current property and buying my new property. It’s evident that he’s amazing at his job as he was able to over exceed my expectations on the sale price of my current home and stay within budget of my new home. What truly stood out to me was his wealth of knowledge on numerous properties within various neighbourhoods, his skillful negotiating to get the deal signed and social skills to work with buyers/sellers to align both transactions to my benefit. Highly recommend to any seller/buyer to work with Barret and have him help you find your next dream home!
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Shane Regunath 08/02/22 Google
Shane Regunath worked with Shawn Brown PREC* in 2022.
It’s not every day that you shop for your next home virtually. Before moving to Canada, my wife and I worked with Barret to narrow down our ideal neighbourhoods and properties for when we moved to the country. Funny enough, we wrote an offer on the first day since we had already done our due diligence previously. During our virtual consultations, Barret was very professional and trustworthy. We truly appreciate all of his help!
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Paquita Fadden 08/02/22 Google
Paquita Fadden worked with Shawn Brown PREC* in 2022.
Alec was brilliant with assisting us with our purchase of a property. Being unfamiliar with the market, his advice was invaluable. His negotiation skills were key to our success. Without his quick response I'm sure we would not have secured the property. And Alec, personally, was a delight to deal with.
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Sebastian Nishimoto 08/02/22 Google
Sebastian Nishimoto worked with Shawn Brown PREC* in 2022.
I was looking into upsizing and trusted Chris with the sale of my condo. Chris and his team did an excellent job marketing the property and were able to exceed my expectations on price, offer terms and timing. I couldn't have asked for a better outcome and would highly recommend Chris and his team! Thank you very much!
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Quinn Crosina 08/02/22 Google
Quinn Crosina worked with Shawn Brown PREC* in 2022.
We were referred to Barret by family when we were looking for a home to specific criteria and in our neighbourhood of choice. He provided honest feedback and knowledgeable guidance throughout the entire process. We’re very happy with our home and the experience!
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Hadi Mansouri 08/02/22 Google
Hadi Mansouri worked with Shawn Brown PREC* in 2022.
As both the buyer and seller, I have had the pleasure of doing more than ten deals with Shawn, who is an extraordinarily talented realtor. His knowledge and level of due diligence are exemplary! You will be in great hands, guaranteed!
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Nick Fadden 08/02/22 Google
Nick Fadden worked with Shawn Brown PREC* in 2022.
Helped us make the process so simple and easy. Knew how to approach the house we loved to get us across the line. No one better
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Pallavi Goel 06/19/22 Google
Pallavi Goel worked with Shawn Brown PREC* in 2022.
Alec is one of the most professional, thoroughly researched realtors I’ve come across during my search. He knows the market inside out, and puts in a lot of effort to bring forward some options after understanding the clients needs and wants. He build a relationship with the clients from the bottom up and ensures constant communication so that the clients dont feel that the realtor doesnt care. I would highly recommend Alec as a realtor to anyone looking to buy or sell their property. He is amazing at what he does.
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James Painter 05/19/22 Google
James Painter worked with Shawn Brown PREC* in 2022.
Alec was recommended to us and we are so happy he was! We’re both busy professionals and Alec was great about providing very prompt, clear and concise communication throughout the whole process. As first time home buyers, we had a lot of questions and Alec responded to each one within minutes by text or email. He is lovely to work with and we will definitely use Alec the next time we are in need of a realtor.
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Barbara 05/04/22
Helped Barbara to buy & sell a home(s) in Vancouver in 2021.
Elsa 05/04/22
Elsa worked with Shawn Brown PREC* in 2022 in Vancouver.
Aaron 05/04/22
Aaron worked with Shawn Brown PREC* in 2021 in Maple Ridge.
Lindsey 05/04/22
Listed and Sold a condo in Vancouver for Lindsey in 2022.
Connor 05/04/22
Helped Connor to buy a townhouse in Vancouver in 2021.
Brianna 05/04/22
Listed and Sold a house in Vancouver for Brianna in 2022.
April 05/04/22
Listed and Sold a house in Vancouver for April in 2021.
christina drummond 03/18/22 Google
christina drummond worked with Shawn Brown PREC* in 2022.
After using Alec for the very quick sale of my Vancouver condo, I can confidently say I would recommend him to anyone and everyome to assist in the purchase and sale of their home. Thanks Alec!
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Martha 02/15/22
Helped Martha to buy a townhouse in Vancouver in 2022.
Delano 02/09/22
Helped Delano to buy a house in Vancouver in 2022.
Hadi 02/07/22
Listed and Sold a condo in Vancouver for Hadi in 2022.