Property Insights FAQs

How does REW find Similar Homes?

Similar homes are provided to give you the most relevant information about properties you're interested in.

We consider many different data points when finding similar homes, and the calculation changes depending on the property type and location. We also take into account things like number of beds and square footage to give you the best results possible.

Where does REW get its data from?

Providing you with good, reliable data is really important to us. To do that we aggregate data points from a variety of sources including both public (BC Assessment) and commercial sources.

Some of my property Information is missing or incorrect. What can I do?

To ensure we are providing you with the most reliable property and market information, we never make changes to the data unless it's been validated by an official source.

To update information, please contact BC Assessment directly at the following link:

What do zoning and parcel ID mean?

Zoning is a restriction on the way land within its jurisdiction can be used. For information about zoning for your property, contact your local municipality.

A Parcel ID or PID is a nine-digit number that uniquely identifies a property. For more information on Parcel ID visit BC Land Title and Survey.

Why are market averages not displayed for my property?

We do not display market averages if there's not enough data to provide reliable market information.

Why can't I find my home?

Double check you’re using the ‘Property Insights’ search bar not the main ‘homes for sale’ search bar when looking up a property page.

Check the format of the address - if it’s being entered correctly, you should see a list of suggested addresses appear as you start typing.

If you still can’t find your property, it’s likely one of two things. Either your home is in a geography we do not cover, or your home is less than three months old.

Property Insights is only available for homes in BC. From Pemberton down through to the Lower Mainland and the Okanagan area (Kamloops to Osoyoos to Golden), including Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Island (Nanaimo, Victoria and South Vancouver Island).

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