You Can Now Pre-Order Tesla’s Solar Roof Tiles

Andrea Nazarian
May 15, 2017
Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that two of the four Solar Roof styles are now available for purchase

Tesla has begun selling its Solar Roof tiles in the company’s latest attempt at revolutionizing energy-efficient homes. Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted last week that the company has begun accepting pre-orders for the new tiles. While only two of the four Solar Roof styles are currently available for order (black glass smooth and textured glass) the Tuscan and French Slate Solar Roof tile styles are scheduled for release in 2018.

The Solar Roof looks like a normal roof from a distance but is actually made up of tempered glass that is three times as strong and weighs half as much as a regular roof, Tesla claims. Tesla has stated that the two current styles should work out to about $21.85 USD per square foot, slightly less expensive than the $24.85 that Consumer Reports had predicted. The real savings with the Solar Roof are in the long-term, however. Musk has stated that over time, the energy savings from Tesla's roof will make it more affordable than a standard roof and the cost of power.

Tesla also offers a warranty for the tiles for as long as the house is standing, and guarantees 30 years of power generation. We wonder how Tesla's cutting-edge Solar Roof would fare in Canada's less-than-scorching climate... 

Tesla Tuscan Roof

Tesla's "Tuscan" Solar Roof, available in 2018

Tesla Slate Roof

The "French Slate" Solar Roof, also available next year

Andrea Nazarian
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