Would You Stay at this AirBnB on an Active Volcano?

Andrea Nazarian
December 19, 2017

Phoenix House is located at the base of the Kilauea, the world’s most active volcano. Would you vacation at this AirBnB?

Some people like to vacation by the beach. Other people like to go to the spa and get away from the madness of city life. But for some adventurous travelers, staying at the base of the world’s most active volcano is the perfect vacation getaway.

Phoenix House is the name of an increasingly well-known listing on popular vacation rental site AirBnB. Located in the small coastal town of Kalapana in Hawaii, Phoenix House is nestled at the base of Kilauea – known as the world’s most active volcano. For around $220 Canadian per night, lucky visitors can experience cottage life at a safe but close distance to this magnificent natural relic.

Life in the Phoenix House

The AirBnB listing describes Phoenix House as, “a minimalist tiny home compound born from the lava and in reverence to the temporal nature of our lives. It is a unique retreat space for people to come visit in times of reverence, contemplation, and healing.” According to the listing, guests can also enjoy, “epic ocean and starry views” from the Lava Loft.

The home features a clean, minimalist design throughout its compact living space. Simple colours, an open-concept floorplan and large windows keep the 450-square-foot house feeling fresh and modern, and do nothing to take away from the magnificent natural beauty surrounding it. While the home may seem remote, it comes with all the comforts of a more urban AirBnB rental, including wireless internet and free parking (go figure).

The host also offers a menu of add-on services along with accommodation at Phoenix house, including “sightseeing and guided tours”,“private customized Kundalini yoga”, “sound healing with gong baths and tuning forks”, and “detox/cleansing retreats” for an additional charge.

Kilauea – The World’s Most Active Volcano

Kilauea, the most active volcano in Hawaii and the world, is said to be between 300,000 and 600,000 years old. According to a Forbes report, Kilauea does not erupt explosively like many depictions of volcanoes in movies and popular culture, but continuously flows out lava, forming an enormous rock island around itself. The volcano has allegedly been erupting consistently since 1983.

AirBnB - A Smoking Hot Topic

AirBnB has been a rather hot topic in the Vancouver real estate world as of late. Everything from strict city bylaws, to activist groups pushing for platform accountability, to vigilante Twitter accounts calling out illegal listings, have come to fruition in Vancouver due to AirBnB’s presence in the city. The short-term rental site has certainly ignited its fair share of heated debates in Vancouver, though none quite as hot as the lava surrounding Phoenix House.

Would you want to stay at this one-of-a-kind home? We know we sure would.

Andrea Nazarian
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