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Why it’s Important to Check your House Now rather than later: Diagnosing and Repairing your leaky Basement 

By Aquatech Waterproofing Jul 9, 2021

Often times we tend to look at problems reactively than proactively. This is why we suggest you look at waterproofing your basement. Waterproofing can help to protect your investment from potential damage that can occur in your home which can lower the value of your home if it’s listed in the future. 

Some signs of a leaky basement may be pronounced, while some are not obvious. Many obvious signs show that you have a leaky basement. One indication is what is we called the presence of efflorescence. It is a deposit of a thin white film on the walls. It is what is left by water that contains minerals and other odours from the soil. 

Dampness is another big sign that you have a leaky basement. Still, you should also check out for other things like metal fixtures or rusting nails, rotting wood near the floor level, lifted floor tiles, rusted metal feet on appliances and peeling paint. 

Your home and cellar may be at risk without proper interior and exterior basement waterproofing, especially if you reside in a wet area in Toronto. 

Sometimes, a leaky basement may not be caused by some vulnerability in your basement foundation. It can be caused by breaks in your water pipes or supply line. A small crack or seam in a pipe can cause a significant water supply pool to form on the basement floor. Yet another felon is toilets and sinks that constantly drip due to a loose pipe or loose joints. If your basement has holes in the wall to provide a way for wires or pipes, these holes are sometimes the perfect gateway for the water of any kind to enter your basement. Your waterproofing contractor can seal such gaps with a special polymer that forms a secured bond, and it helps block moisture. 

You will almost always find a little bit of leakage in places where pipes enter the home. This leakage occurs as a result of the condensation on the pipes forming dew. To avoid this type of water leaking – first, ensure that the line you are using is not leaking or your efforts will be wasted – you can patch it up with a waterproof concrete patch. 

There is an easy way to know if the water on your basement walls is caused by seepage or condensation. Just tape a piece of aluminum foil to your wall and inspect its surfaces after a few days. If you find any moisture on the inside surface touching the wall, you deal with a leak. On the other hand, if you see water forming on the aluminum foil side facing the wall, the problem is condensation. 

Mustiness is another sign to look out for in your home. If you discover tht your basement has a musty odour, it is often a result of high humidity and moisture. 

Most homes with leaky basements Toronto have a buildup of excess moisture where the walls meet the floor. That meeting point is called the basement wall-floor joint. This moisture buildup is sometimes caused by heavy rain, ineffective gutter or sump pump system, the improper slope of a house and several other factors. Repairing this type of leaky basement once and for all is to have a cellar professional install a system that will collect the excess water and pump it out of harm’s way. 

Discovering cracks on the walls is another sign that you have a leaky basement. To permanently repair this issue, the homeowner must adequately identify the cause or call a professional to fix the foundation if necessary. The next thing is to have the basement professional or specialist properly install a sump pump or drainage system to collect and send excess water away from your home to where it belongs. 


Basement Waterproofing Toronto Cost 

If you would like to know how much it costs to waterproof your basement, call the professionals at Aquatech Waterproof, who can help you determine a quote and ensure your investment is well protected. 

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