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Where to Munch on the Best Donuts in Calgary

By REW (Real Estate Wire) Nov 15, 2021

A good doughnut can save a bad day. So much so that there is now a day dedicated to celebrating doughnuts- June 6th is National Donut Day! But what if you are gluten or dairy intolerant, vegan, or an athlete on a strict diet? Does that mean you have to miss out on these little circles of deliciousness? 

Not if you live in Calgary it doesn’t! 

If you are on the hunt for the best doughnuts in Calgary, we can point you in the right direction. Keep reading to find out where the best doughnuts are hiding, no matter your dietary requirements.


1. Calgary Mini Donuts

The perfect mouthful of doughy deliciousness is found at Calgary Mini Donuts. Hunting them down will be well worth the trip. They can be found at weddings, music festivals or the nearest farmer’s market. Follow their Instagram for news on where to track them down, or to book their food truck for your event.


2. Ritual Doughnuts

With their buttery brioche buns, Ritual Doughnuts are making a name for themselves. Their flavours are ever-changing, and are paired with the seasons, and are all made from scratch, right down to the sprinkles on the top! This is definitely a place to add to your doughnut bucket list. 


3. Jelly Modern

Proving that simple is sometimes better, Jelly Modern has been operating in Calgary for several years. And according to a report in Curiocity, the residents of Calgary are loving it still. Using local, organic ingredients Jelly’s goal is to bring back those childhood memories of freshly made sticky doughnuts from your local bakery. 


4. Pretty Sweet YYC

While it is well known for a variety of delectable treats, Pretty Sweet bakery has doughnuts like no other. Boasting some of the best doughnuts around, they offer traditional doughnuts as well as some experimental flavours to tickle your taste buds. They also supply a range of gluten-free options although they may vary in flavour from the traditional choices. They offer both pickup and delivery options.


5. Mountain Rhino

Mountain Rhino is a dream for those with dietary restrictions such as gluten or dairy intolerances or vegan customers. Their facility is certified gluten and nut-free and offers a range of treats in both pre-made and make-at-home options. Turns out some of the finest doughnuts in Calgary can be made in your home, and everyone can share!


6. Baked Doughnuts

This bakery was designed with a slightly different clientele in mind. Baked Doughnuts caters to gluten-free, dairy-free and those who want an extra boost of nutrients and protein. Low in sugar and still delicious, their “sweet” treats offer a welcome change for athletes, active lifestyle adults or kiddies. They are freshly made daily and offer delivery to your door.


Now that you have a few places to start your hunt for the best doughnuts in Calgary, you can start testing them out today. So when the next National Donut Day rolls around, you know exactly where you are heading in Calgary!

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