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Where to Find the Best Vegan Food in Kelowna

By REW (Real Estate Wire) May 10, 2021

The environmentally- and socially responsible practice of veganism is becoming much more mainstream, with restaurants incorporating exciting new recipes onto menus.

The city of Kelowna, in British Columbia, is far more advanced than most, boasting a truly expansive list of – not only vegan restaurants – but great vegan restaurants. And, with the city surrounded by incredibly fertile agricultural land, those preparing the meals are able to use the best, locally-grown, organic ingredients for a fresh-tasting final product.

Here’s a look at where you can get the best vegan food in Kelowna. 


1. The Vegetarian Butcher 

A seeming contradiction in terms, the Vegetarian Butcher serves not only vegetarian but also vegan options that give you a real taste of the area. Everything made is 100% plant-based, and they serve a really delicious selection of vegan cheese, soups, stews, dips, patties - and other mouthwatering items - to take home. The vegan life has never been so simple and delicious!


2. Made in India 

For centuries, Eastern cultures have embraced the vegan lifestyle, perfecting the art of flavour fusion and creating a range of delectable dishes. Kelowna’s own Made in India restaurant brings the well-developed eastern flavours to your doorstep with authentically made Indian cuisine. Owned and managed by innovative chefs, Sheeshpal Singh and Brijesh Negi, who have 14 years of cooking experience, the goal is to bring you an unforgettable dining experience. 


3. Zabb Thai Restaurant 

Enjoy a taste of Thailand in the heart of Kelowna with this fantastic vegan-friendly restaurant. Many of the dishes on the menu can be made in vegan options, supplementing meat with tofu. This is great for groups of vegans and non-vegans to socialise while all enjoying their food choices. Zabb embraces the idea of a small, simple menu that prioritises quality-made food using the freshest ingredients – and quality service of course!


4. Frankie We Salute You! 

A pioneering vegetarian restaurant in Kelowna, the owners, Chef Brian Skinner and Christina Skinner, have created a delightful vegan-friendly site in the middle of this vegetable-growing region. They truly believe that what happens to the food before it reaches the restaurant is just as important as the preparation itself, which is why they work with local farmers and growers for the best ingredients. These culinary trailblazers will continue to make plant-based eating tasty and inspired for all food lovers. 


5. Renegade Kitchen & Craft Bar 

If you’re looking for a vegan restaurant through and through, then this is a great Kelowna destination. Renegade started as a food truck but its popularity saw it transform into a more traditional destination in downtown Kelowna, serving delectable comfort food like burgers, macaroni cheese and poutine. Veering from the norm, the team at Renegade like to satiate the vegan hunger with incredible ingredients and recipes that brings great food to people on the street. 


6. Social 242 

Truly relax, socialise and enjoy yourself in this sophisticated cocktail lounge that serves, not only great drink concoctions but also great vegan food options. For a great night out, in a hidden gem in the heart of downtown, it’s worth stopping by Social 242 where you can find delightful vegan meals alongside the regular menu. 


7. The Naked Café 

For a decidedly casual vibe that’s also child-friendly, then try another of Kelowna’s great vegan sites, The Naked Café. The ethos of this fine establishment is to serve delicious, affordable and satisfyingly vegan food that ensures humans and animals live happily and harmoniously. This is a vegan oasis that serves wholesome, hearty meals!


8. Summerhill Pyramid Bistro 

Join Kelowna’s culinary revolution of all things fresh, local and organic at Summerhill where they speak ‘veganese’. Alongside their delicious bistro menu options, you can enjoy a glass of certified-organic wine from the Summerhill Pyramid Winery. They use no animal byproducts in the winemaking, ensuring every sip is also vegan friendly. You can relax in this stunning venue, complete with vineyard and lake views, as well as a year-round heated patio.


With its many fine-dining options, vibrant cultural offerings, unmatched natural splendour and welcoming community, Kelowna is fast becoming one of the most sought-after destinations for tourists and those looking to relocate. Discover the many delectable wonders of this vegan-friendly location today!

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