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Where To Find the Best Pizza in Calgary

By REW (Real Estate Wire) Nov 15, 2021

Napoletana or New York-style? Thin crust or thick? Classic toppings or something new? Calgary has it all. We’ve chosen the five best pizza places in Calgary and defined their signature style for easy pickings. 


1. Noble Pie Pizza

If you’re searching for a quality-made takeaway pizza that you can enjoy at home, then Noble Pie is your spot. They transitioned from a basic pizza pop-up to a brick-and-mortar location earlier this year, but have retained their focus on simple pizzas made well. 

Signature style: They specialise in New York-style pizza with an ultra-thin crust. 

Menu favorite: The Roni made with lots of Ezzo pepperoni, banana peppers, grana padano, pecorino and Sicilian oregano.


2. Bow Tie Pizza

Every meal prepared at Calgary’s Bow Tie Pizza is done so by design. They strive to ensure that almost every ingredient used to make their delicious pizzas is prepared from scratch, and they incorporate science-based techniques for the perfect pizza every time. The dough rises at precisely 2˚C for 48 hours before they place it in a 700˚F stone deck oven. Simply delicious…and also available in vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free options.

Signature style: Pan-style pizza made scientifically. 

Menu favourite: The Beard of Zeus with house-made garlic butter, chicken, baked, ham, red onions, kalamata olives and oregano.


3. Una Pizza + Wine

If you’ve been in Calgary a while, you’ve likely heard of Una Pizza + Wine, ranking on the best restaurant lists year after year. This is a traditional neighbourhood pizzeria that creates a warm, welcoming environment to match its incredible fare. It’s a fusion of California-style pizzas with Mediterranean influence best enjoyed with a glass of its hand-picked wines. 

Signature style: Californian-inspired, thin-crust pizza.

Menu favourite: The Beltline Pizza with bacon, fennel sausage, smoked mozzarella and maple syrup.


4. Azzurri Pizzeria

This is a small, family-run business started by brothers Alessandro and Faustino Ricioppo and mama Terry Ricioppo. They provide the hungry patrons of Calgary with the closest experience to authentic Italian pizza. In fact, Azzurri Pizzeria even imports its delicious ingredients from Italy. 

Signature style: Napoletana thin-crust pizza. 

Menu favorite: Il Capo which is an all-meat pizza with pepperoni, prosciutto cotto, spicy soppressata, mushrooms, mozzarella and San Marzano tomato sauce.


5. Spiro’s Pizza & Greek Taverna

Established back in 1969, Spiros is a delightful family-run business that serves some of the best pizza and Greek food in Calgary. This is a great spot for a quick pizza dinner or even a party with a hundred guests! In fact, they even provide incredible catering. 

Signature style: Greek-style pizza with a thin crust. 

Menu favourite: Spanakopizza spinach and feta cheese.  


There’s no point just salivating over the pizza list. Visit any of these Calgary-based pizza places and be assured of a great meal!

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