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Where to Find the Best Food Trucks in Kelowna

By REW (Real Estate Wire) Apr 28, 2021

Food trucks in Kelowna provide the perfect street food menu for the busy vacationers and day-time visitors flocking to this holiday mecca. The outdoor activities result in hungry children and people are hardly clad in ways suitable for restaurant meals in the middle of the day.


The best thing to do when it comes to food trucks is to go for the big names and stick to those for a repeated great experience. 


The outlets offer surprising variety and among the best pulled pork and Quebec’s infamous poutine, which found its way into the hearts of Kelowna’s residents and visitors alike. You know poutine comes from the word ‘mess’ right? And the thing does look ‘messy’ but it’s the ultimate comfort food you’ll ever find on a food truck. 


Is there an issue that isn’t muted by crispy French fries and curds covered in gravy? Thought not.


Dependable Kelowna Food Trucks 

Kelowna’s food trucks experience the same nomadic, spasmodic presence as do other areas. That said, there are at least five in Kelowna that exhibit the kind of availability and reliability visitors and locals are looking for.


Each of these five outlets is serious enough about their food truck enterprise to have created their own websites. Yes, exactly. You can get the kids to check the menu on their devices and head for exactly what you want when you want it. There has to be this kind of demonstrable trustworthiness for many happy returns.


Renowned Food Trucks of Kelowna 

The people behind Kelowna’s food truck fraternity are interesting and enterprising food fundies. Ask how they started and be prepared for some fascinating history. Let’s take a brief tour of these top five recommended by writer Murissa of the Okanagan wine Region and as a local, she knows stuff!


  1. CrAsian - on Venus Road, is just the truck to go for crazy Asian street food. Meet Courtney and Meiko Koga here or at one of their other three establishments and be convinced of their passion and authenticity in the industry. They are the ‘unsung heroes of the culinary food scene in Kelowna’ according to Murissa.

  2. YLW Tacos - a well-known fixture on Highway 97 boasts 3 cooks and an appointed cashier. There are three different protein options and a nearby park to enjoy your purchase at really reasonable prices.

  3. The Lobster Pot - Check their current position on their website for the most decadent of street food on any Kelowna food truck! Awesome whole chunks of lobster with homemade aioli will be a much-repeated experience for sure.

  4. Surfside California Tacos in McCurdy Pl, Kelowna make seafood street food into a gourmet experience. Shrimp Tacos are a firm favourite, and the customer service is excellent. Let them know your special requirements.

  5. Broken Anchor on Bevoulin Road is the new kid on the block and the breaking news is they’re serving the most unique menu in all of Kelowna food trucks - Southern food! How about that? Get there for a crawfish bowl with chorizo or a delectable fried chicken sandwich with maple sauce.


How Kelowna Food Trucks Step up the Catering Game

The high-quality menu and good reputation of Kelowna’s food trucks are attributable to more than just a passion for good food. The fraternity is made of people who love people and making food go nuts over is the ultimate reward. Very often the reputable truck owners have more than one enterprise - usually another restaurant but know that food trucks, more often than not, convert into restaurant bookings.

Simply another amazing addition to your Kelowna experience.

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