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The world is not enough.

Chapter 3: MLA President and Partner Cameron McNeill enters the chat.
By REW Editor 2022-11-14

Enough is enough, except when it comes to Vancouver housing. It’s time to get to the bottom of some of the big questions surrounding the Metro Vancouver market. Maybe even the biggest of all questions, the one true question: 

Why aren’t we building enough homes? 

That’s a tough one to answer. Lucky for us, we know the person for the job. Cameron McNeill is the President and Partner at MLA, and he’s ready to tell us why. He’s also quite hopeful that we’re going to see a lot of supply come online within the next decade, with a more diverse housing offering coming to market. Think the three little pigs, but with more concrete and wood and less straw and brick.  

If you push play, you’ll also learn why houses are so expensive right now in the Lower Mainland, and whether Cameron thinks you should buy pre-sale or re-sale. Get your popcorn ready. 



In our next chapter, Monika and Cameron are going where we don’t need roads. Let’s accelerate this conversation to 88 mph and head back to the future, new homes style. 

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