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The Locals’ Guide to the 7 Best Breakfast Spots in Calgary

By REW (Real Estate Wire) Nov 18, 2021

An indulgent syrup-coated pancake fix? Or something gluten-free but flavour-filled? We’ve got all the answers for you! 

After some dedicated and delicious breakfast tastings across Calgary, we’ve compiled arguably the best breakfast list. And for each choice, we’ve included menu favourites and the special ingredient that sets it apart. 


1. OEB Breakfast Co.

The owner and chef of this breakfast spot, Mauro Martina, has created a welcoming space with unique dishes using only the best natural ingredients. OED Breakfast Co. focuses on breakfast food, and to counter the long wait for its in-demand fare, they’ve established an online waitlist system. 

A taste: Duck fat fried herb potatoes, hardwood smoked bacon, chicken blueberry bangers and maple pork bangers.

Special ingredient: Locally sourced ingredients including their own egg-laying, free-range chickens.


2. Blue Star Diner

This is an award-winning Calgary brunch spot that puts a delicious twist on the breakfast classics. All ingredients at Blue Star Diner are sourced from local farmers. 

A taste: Albertan omelette, red potato hash browns and the Bluestar Burrito.

Special ingredient: Great vegan-friendly and gluten-free options. 


3. Pfanntastic Pannenkoek Haus

For something a bit different, this Dutch pancake house offers authentic Holland cooking that is unmatched!

A taste: Black Forest pancakes with warm cherries, ice cream, whipped cream and dessert liqueur in a chocolate cup.

Special ingredient: The only restaurant of its kind in Canada trained in this particular method.


4. Diner Deluxe

For humble service using delicious, sustainable ingredients in every dish, Diner Deluxe is the breakfast spot for you. 

A taste: Breakfast parfait with homemade granola, mascarpone mousse, vanilla Greek yoghurt, mixed fruit, honey drizzle, hemp hearts and lemon zest.

Special ingredient: Delightful brunch cocktails and tonics. 


5. Brekkie's Breakfast

Start your day the right way with Brekkie’s Breakfast! This is an eclectic breakfast café where you can enjoy a leisurely meal created with seasonal fare. It’s the perfect foodie brunch spot. 

A taste: Toasted English muffin, asparagus, butter-poached lobster, poached eggs, tarragon bearnaise and smoked paprika.

Special ingredient: Designer décor by award-winning Amanda Hamilton to match its designer food. 


6. Galaxie Diner

‘Home of the all-day breakfast’, Galaxie Diner is headed by Brad Myhre, a renowned patron of smoked meat eateries who uses pure maple syrup and real butter. If you have a big breakfast appetite, then this Calgary diner is the one to try. 

A taste: Montreal smoked meat hash topped with soft-basted eggs, or the Scramwich – ham and cheese omelette grilled on brown bread. 

Special ingredient: All meals come in large portions and Galaxie Diner offers unlimited toasts and hashbrowns.


7. The Bro’Kin Yolk

We love a clever name to match the best breakfast food. The ‘Bro’ refers to founding brothers, Gil and Jeff Carlos. The ‘kin’ refers to both the brothers and the familial vibe of the place. And the ‘yolk’ refers to their specially-sourced eggs. The Bro’Kin Yolk is a farm-to-table fresh breakfast. 

A taste: Home-made Belgian waffles, sous vide then spiced, fried dark meat drizzled with maple syrup and white chicken gravy. 

Special ingredient: Their yolk is no joke – only organic, Omega 3-rich, free-range eggs from countryside farms. 


Don’t just take our word for it, book at one of these fantastic Calgary breakfast spots and find out what good food is all about!

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