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The Best Wine Tours in Kelowna

By REW (Real Estate Wire) Apr 23, 2021

The Best Wine Tours in Kelowna

Anyone looking for the best wine tours in Kelowna is in for the time of their lives. The Okanagan Valley is renowned for its 270 wineries and Kelowna itself, nestled in the sun-drenched valley, commands a nationwide following for exceptional vineyards and wine tours.


Wine touring is a year-round activity and arguably the best way to explore this enchanting area. While it is possible to bustle through six or more wineries in a day, it is recommended familiarise yourself with these wine touring companies who know the best combinations and routes. You’re looking at anywhere from a 4 to 6-hour time frame. Once you’ve seen ‘em all, you’ll know which ones you want to visit again.


Getting Up-Close-&-Personal on Kelowna Wine Tours

The more leisurely your tour, the greater and more edifying the experience. There is always unexpected meet and greet moments with vineyard owners and the winemakers at each venue. That bodes well for your return visit as you become friends with the incredibly passionate people responsible for the distinct Kelowna wines you’ll claim as favourites forevermore. 


The wineries with their lounges, fireplaces, immaculate washrooms, and breath-taking vineyards reflect the character and personality of their owners. You are a valued guest and are welcomed into their space. The only reason to visit a liquor store after you’ve toured vineyards is to top up with the wines you tasted on your Kelowna wine tour. So, let’s get to it.


  1. Tantalus Vineyards, South East Kelowna - distinctly the oldest continually producing vineyard in all of British Columbia and an imperative first stop. Known for superior quality Rieslings, Pinot Noirs, and Chardonnays.

  2. Cedar Creek Estate Winery, Kelowna - these 50 acres on the shores of Okanagan Lake provide spectacular views while you sample these award-winning wines. Their Pinot Noirs are cultivated from some of the oldest vines in BC. Go for their entire range with their Silk & Stone experience or grab a bite at their Home Block Restaurant compete with perfect wine pairing.

  3. The Vibrant Vine Winery, Kelowna - renowned as a top winery with nine tasting bars and two lounges. A quirky take, translated into artistic bottle designs with gaily patterned logos that make the perfect wine gifts. Two outdoor stages are well used with over 100 events in the summer. Enjoying great entertainment with great wine is hard to beat.

  4. The View Winery and Vineyard, Downtown Kelowna - originally a 1920s apple-packing house, this winery delivers an authentic Okanagan experience in the heart of downtown Kelowna. The rambling orchards fool you into imagining you’re way out in the country. Go for their ‘Flight of Five’ tastings and prepare to be blown away.

  5. Sandhill Wines, Downtown, Kelowna - offer an exclusive stable of wines not on offer outside the winery, so this is a not-to-be-missed venue to visit. From the Small Lots Program in the Urban Tasting Room to the Beyond the Glass Experience, you will leave knowing more about winemaking as you’re transported into a whole new world of wonder.

  6. Summerhill Pyramid Winery, Kelowna - for the organic-lover, this is the only winery in all of Okanagan with a biodynamic vineyard producing delicious organic wines to knock your socks off. The Summerhill Organic Bistro will round off your down-to-earth experience with its internationally inspired cuisine and your choice of organic wine.

  7. Ancient Hill Winery, North Kelowna - this rural venue, built into the hillside to keep the even production facility at an even temperature is picturesquely surrounded by horse ranches. It is a boutique winery, specializing in European-style wines using only grapes from their vineyard. Bring your own picnic and grab a bottle of exclusive wine to enjoy in the great outdoors.

  8. Volcanic Hills Estate Winery, West Kelowna - atop Mount Boucherie, the 60-million-year-old extinct volcano, their name couldn’t be more appropriate. Their wines are synergistically named and guaranteed to ‘erupt with flavour’ - Lava, Magma, and Eruption will surprise you with their vigour. Their Gewürztraminer grapes, which were planted in 1978, are growing in the rich volcanic soil after all. All wines are BC VQA certified whether red, rosé, or white.

  9. The Hatch, West Kelowna - with unique hip-hop labels such as dinosaurs, octopus’ and narwhals you gotta know this is a laid-back, fun winery with truly incredible wines. Bring out your inner hippy and you’ll love the wine they make.

  10. Grizzli Winery, West Kelowna - the largest boutique winery and home to world-class wines. Take a tour and book to attend events and workshops such as their annual art and wine workshop over the annual ice wine festival. Using a clever juxtaposing technique of traditional and modern winemaking, all their grapes are hand-harvested. With the love that goes into this range of wines, you know it’ll be a hand's down winner.


The Last Word on the Best Kelowna Wine Tour Experience

We know we’ve made it hard for you to choose among the bevvy of the best wine tours in Kelowna, but we hope to have inspired you to visit. Often. In all seasons and in intimate pairs, while COVID restrictions are on, but in larger groups when it’s over.


Wine touring is an enriching pastime, a fascinating hobby, and it’s endless fun partaking of the fruit of the vine - no argument there.


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