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Tailored savings for your unique way of life

By TELUS Custom Security Systems Apr 29, 2021

In a world where most things are standardized to appease a variety of people at the same time, you want to ensure that you have an automation and security provider unique to you, that helps you save money.

With the convenience of tailored solutions that adjust to your activity patterns, the connected information from your house allows you to save energy (and money) in multiple situations.


Thermostats that adjust according to your presence

To prevent wasted energy, your thermostat automatically sets the cooling or heating according to your presence at home. When you leave the house, your automated thermostat sets the temperature to save energy. When you are on your way back, it identifies your location and direction to your house and automatically adjusts the temperature, ensuring optimal energy output and always finding your home comfy as it should be. How amazing!

This ability to switch modes is possible through the connection of your thermostat with your security system and to Geo-Services. As simple as it should be, your thermostat will use your location to save energy whenever your family goes out, and it will dial the comfort back up as you arrive home again. Pretty nice, right?


Turn on automated lighting systems

How cool would it be if your Geo-Services also worked in connection with your lights? Well, it does! The same way as your thermostat, your automated lights can be turned on and off automatically whether you’re home. This enables you to save money when spending some days out without putting in risk the safety of your property.


You also have the ability to manage the automated lights in your home according to the time of the day. With the tip of your fingers, you ensure that your home lights will be on when you get home late and will be turned off if you oversleep on a cold Sunday morning.


Professional monitoring also helps you save money

When you signed the contract for your house, you knew that occasional big fixes could happen. To prevent big costs with unexpected events it’s important to have a top level automation and security provider. This way,  you can rely on multiple solutions of proactive safe conduct to help you detect potential risks before they cascade into big bills.

Certified with Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC), TELUS Custom Security Systems offers you protection with the highest standards in security monitoring and response time.

Having a professional monitoring security systems also means getting a discount on your home insurance. This is because, from an insurance perspective, having a professionally monitored system means that if something goes wrong, there's someone there to react and to mitigate the damage, reducing the risk of significant insurance claims.


Solutions designed to fit your budget

TELUS Custom Security Systems designs custom solutions to meet your budget. Having a professional system with quality components will provide you peace of mind in all senses, including financially.

With over 200 years of acquired industry experience, TELUS Custom Security Systems builds tailored automation and security solutions to protect your home and loved ones. Recognized for having the fastest network(1) in Canada, TELUS can help ensure you have tailored savings for your custom way of life. To find out more about automation and security powered by Canada’s best network(2), visit today.



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2 Opensignal’s Mobile Network Experience Report February 2021, ©2021 Opensignal, Limited.

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