Spring Into Action with Essential Home Maintenance Tasks

Sean Moss
March 23, 2015

Now spring has poked its head up and left the winter behind, it is time once again to address some of the necessary maintenance items to keep our homes in good repair.

Here is a brief list of tasks that are just perfect for this time of year.

  • Roof: Have the roof inspected for damage, holes, loose flashing materials, skylights and chimneys. Remove all debris and moss to prevent moisture issues.
  • Gutters: Have your gutters and drains cleaned. Add downspout extensions where needed. Repair all damaged, disconnected or leaking gutters.
  • Air conditioner: Have your air conditioner serviced, all lines checked and ready to go for the summer.
  • Furnace: Check the filter from the past heating season and replace or clean it.
  • Exterior: Trim trees and vegetation away from the siding & roofline. Take inventory of all exterior repairs & caulking (such as stairs, trim, siding, railings & flashing) which can be addressed in the summer.
  • Decks and balconies:Remove all residual debris from the floor surface. Clear all drains to prevent pooling. Check the function of sliding glass doors and screens. Test the guardrails for stability.
  • Smoke detectors: If you have not done so over the past six months, test your smoke detectors and replace them if they are six years or older. Install carbon monoxide detectors in close proximity to any gas burning appliances and check them as well.
  • Electrical outlets: Check all outlets to ensure they are safe and grounded. Test the GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets and replace expired or damaged ones, both inside and out.
  • Washing machine: Inspect the washing machine hose connections. Replace rubber hoses with the steel braided type.
  • Clothes dryer: Check that the dryer vent is made of a smooth rigid metal duct. Replace immediately if it is made of either corrugated plastic or foil.
  • Exterior vents: Inspect, clean and repair all vents as needed. The roof vents can be checked as a part of the roof maintenance.
  • Attic: Inspect or have the attic inspected for signs of poor ventilation, pests, insulation problems, damaged sheathing, mold, duct connections and leaks. Repair all issue with the help of an attic contractor. (REW.ca’s advice on attic maintenance here.)
  • Spring cleaning: How can we forget spring cleaning? Take a look at all of your storage areas. Go through the items you don’t need. Purge or sell them. Reorganize the items you still need and start spring fresh! (REW.ca’s Top 10 Spring Cleaning Tasks here and decluttering advice here.)
  • One last thought: As with winter (or any other season), spring is a good time to repair any items that may have been put on the back burner. This includes light bulb replacement, minor repairs to ceilings doors, windows, walls and floors, etc.

So spring into action on all those maintenance tasks and enjoy the season!

Sean Moss
Sean Moss is a home inspector focusing primarily on residential properties with specialized knowledge in mold and building envelope science. He has been featured in Vancouver Magazine, Richmond News and The Jewish Independent and he also shares his knowledge through articles and workshops. Call Sean on 604-729-4261, visit his website homeinspectorsean.com and see his rating on review website HomeStars.