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Snow White's Cottage Listed for Sale

The otherworldly home is located in the small town of Olalla, Washington
By Andrea Nazarian Sep 25, 2017

If you ever wanted to live in a storybook cottage just like the one in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, look no further than Olalla, Washington – a small town just over an hour away from Seattle. The unique home, listed by John L Scott Real Estate, is for sale in Olalla for $775,000 USD.

According to a Travel and Leisure report, the four-bedroom, 2,800-square-foot home took 12 years to complete and sits on five acres of fantastical land, complete with a babbling brook and several apple trees (hopefully non-poisonous). An incredible amount of detail went into building the home’s interior as well, with hand-carved wooden beams, high-pitched, sloping roofs, stained-glass windows everywhere and not a single square corner in sight.

Take a tour with us as we explore this fantastical property. Unfortunately, there are no images of the bedrooms in the listing, so we can't show you where Sleepy and the gang got their shut-eye. 

Snow White Home 1
Photo: John L. Scott Real Estate

The home looks as though it's been taken straight out of a fantasy novel 


Snow White Home 2
Photo: John L. Scott Real Estate

The five acres of land surrounding the home add to its mystical charm


Snow White House 10
Photo: John L. Scott Real Estate

Steep pitched roofs and stained glass add to the home's cartoonish look

Snow White Home 3
Photo: John L. Scott Real Estate

Rounded wooden doors and hand-crafted wooden ceiling beams add a quirky feel


Snow White House 4
Photo: John L. Scott Real Estate

Curved walls make the space feel more like a magical cave than a single-family home 

Snow White House 5
Photo: John L. Scott Real Estate

According to Travel and Leisure, the home's builder's were fantasy-loving folk

Snow White House 6
Photo: John L. Scott Real Estate

The kitchen features an eclectic mix of vintage cookware and newer appliances

Snow White House 7
Photo: John L. Scott Real Estate

We wonder if the home's original owners ever cooked with the fruit picked from their yard

Snow White House 8
Photo: John L. Scott Real Estate

The incorporation of wood throughout the home makes it feel partially alive

Andrea Nazarian
Andrea is the Content and Social Media Specialist at Andrea has over five years of multi-industry experience in communications and content marketing. Originally from Toronto, Andrea moved to Vancouver in April 2016 and has been loving the West Coast life ever since.
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