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Chapter 5: Monika and Suzana discuss the post-purchase phase.
By REW Editor 2022-11-14

Now that we’ve covered what goes into buying a pre-build, let’s talk about what you can expect after you make your purchase. The post-pre-build-purchase phase, if you will. Might trademark that later. 

The fifth and final episode in our series with MLA looks at everything post-purchase, highlighting what you can expect from a quality check, what goes into selling an assignment, and everything you need to know about rescission periods. To help guide you along the way, Monika sat down with Suzana Goncalves, EVP of Sales & Marketing at MLA, an expert in all things pre-builds and the perfect guest to help us wrap up our series with MLA. Watch the video below.



If you’re looking for a complete overview of the pre-sale journey, we’ve got you covered. Head to our featured guide on pre-sale construction: From the ground up. 


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