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Should I Pay For a Pre-Sale or Pre-Listing Inspection?

If you’re selling your home, you can make it more attractive with the inspection already taken care of, says home inspector Dave Williams
Dave Williams
June 28, 2017

More and more homebuyers are beginning to understand the attractiveness of a home with a pre-sale or even a pre-listing home inspection. Increasingly, sellers also recognize the value of a home inspection before they even put their property on the market.

The reasons are straightforward:

• Evidence shows that homes that are inspected prior to listing will sell, on average, 30% more quickly.

• A pre-listing inspection allows the seller to identify a more accurate selling price. It also identifies any remedial work that needs to be done, allowing the seller to take care of the issues before the property is listed. Which, in turn, will assist in the selling of the property.

• A pre-sale inspection also brings peace of mind to the buyer, because they will know that they have a professional, unbiased report on the true condition of their home. It makes that buyer much more likely to make an offer.

A pre-inspection can aid in the sale of a house in other ways, as well. With a professional pre-sale or pre-listing inspection, both the seller’s and the listing agent’s liability is protected with full disclosure. It can also safeguard the listing price of the property, and greatly reduce the chance of any last-minute fall-though, or 11th-hour negotiating tactics.

Pre-Inspection Report and Warranties

The home inspector will discuss the results of the inspection report with the seller and offer a walk-through consultation with any potential buyer to explain any issues. With a professional pre-inspection report available to the seller and the listing agent for the showings and open houses – and with “Pre-Inspected” signage on the property – it will help the agent close the deal.

It is also routine for the seller to receive a complete set of comprehensive warranties on their property when a pre-sale inspection takes place. These warranties will include a 90-day warranty on structure, electrical and mechanical equipment, including mold-safe protection. The warranty will provide five-year coverage for roof leaks and water-main and sewer-line protection.

Inspectors will also use a huge database to compare appliance serial numbers to identify product recalls and ensure that the installed appliances are safe for the family of the buyer. The most important and valuable part of the comprehensive warranty package for the seller is that this warranty coverage is completely transferrable to the buyer of the home.

Simply put, a pre-sale or pre-listing home inspection will bring many benefits to the seller and buyer and it will certainly help to sell your home quicker.

Dave Williams is regional owner in British Columbia of A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections. Dave has helped A Buyer’s Choice to become Canada’s largest home inspection company, with more than 160 offices across the country, and now expanded into 19 countries worldwide. 

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