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Seven Top Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agents

By Darci LaRocque Jun 26, 2019

Are you wondering if social media can help you attract clients and prospects? There is no doubt about it. Yes, done the right way! 

You have to understand the reason for using social media. It isn’t about posting content – that is only a small part – it is about building relationships with your clients, friends, fans, and audiences across platforms. How do you do that? Read on.


#1. How to Increase Your Fan Base

Quality makes all the difference and you need to treat any social media platform like a person you just met. Would you bombard them with information about your listings or would you talk about the climate, a great restaurant, common interests, and personal stuff? Exactly!

Use the 80/20 rule – 80 per cent of your posts should be “other” information that reflects you and your brand while not being about it, and the other 20 per cent can be listings and such. And when you do post something, wouldn’t it be great to add a cool image?


#2. Text with Images is Always Better

Images and videos prove to be more engaging than just plain old text, so include them. I get awesome deals from signing up for free at AppSumo, some really cool specials on a variety of apps including photo tools. Here are two of my personal favourites:


#3. Find Engaging Content

There are lots of sources to discover content for your audience. These are a few of my go-tos:

You can also snap your own photo and start sharing any of the following:

  • Satisfied-customer photographs
  • Community occasions
  • Your favourite coffee, lunch or restaurant spot
  • Great weekend getaways
  • Amazing places you take your kids
  • Good spots for breakfast

It is always great to impart the love to the local business or service where you had a great time or a great meal. Don’t forget to tag them in your post so it shows up in their feed.

Of course, finding content is just the tip of the iceberg. Ultimately, you have to respond and engage.


#4. React, Respond and Engage

You can't simply post and then never look at it again. Whether you are posting yourself or using a third-party service like us, it doesn’t ever stop there. You have to engage with people, reply when they comment, like their posts, share their stories, just like you would if you first met them. Don’t overlook what's really important and only talk about yourself. Why you are even doing all this social media stuff? It is about engagement, reacting to likes, remarks, shares, and messages. This isn't optional, it’s an essential part of good social media practice. Always add a personal touch so your clients would know who you are as a person and not simply that you want their business.


#5. An Updated Profile Image is a Must

If you are a 45-year-old agent, you probably look different than you did 15 or 20 years ago, right? I know you are still that gorgeous human, but we all change. You don’t want to surprise your clients when you meet!

Posting an old picture or not having any images at all on your profile tells people that you haven't attempted to make an effort, and they could even question your reliability and integrity. Your active profiles should be consistently branded, show enthusiasm, capability, professionalism and be current.


#6. Allot Time to Spend Curation Your Social Media

If this is just the start of posting content, you might be thinking “My goodness! How on earth will I find the time to even go through each of my social media accounts?” Here is a simple approach, starting with just 20 minutes a day.

For 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night, try to do the following:

  • Look for five individuals for who you have high regard, follow them, and reach out. Say “Hi, love the content” or something similar.
  • Check these five individuals and look at what they post, what they like and what pertinent content they share. It might stir up some of your own creativity.
  • Comment, share or like a minimum of two posts/updates.
  • Create or find one interesting article or blog to post per day.


#7. Sign Up (If You Want To) But Never Forget

A common question I get asked is, “Do I have to really be on all these platforms? My answer is: “Do you think you can keep up with it daily and do you find it interesting?”

Instead of attempting to be all over the place, choose a platform that works for you. If you like Twitter, then tweet and learn all about how Twitter works, including engagement and use of hashtags and handles. If you like Facebook, do the same for that.

The worst thing you can do is set up an account and then forget it. Your clients might hunt you down to see how well you’re doing and what do they get? Nothing. An egghead image and one tweet. That doesn’t look good. If that’s you, delete it. It is better to not appear at all than show an idle account.

Enjoy the power of social media and then take the online offline. See you on the inside!

Darci LaRocque
Darci LaRocque is an award-winning real-estate technology consultant, trainer and speaker. Darci has been featured in many national newspapers, magazines and spent three seasons as a tech expert on the national TV show Get Connected. Darci works privately with REALTORS® and brokerages helping them be more comfortable with technology and take it to the next level. She also has an online course specifically for REALTORS® showing them how to automate their business systems.
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