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The most-searched neighbourhoods on REW in 2022.
By Justin Kerby May 25, 2022

There are over 50 million home searches conducted every year on REW. That means there’s quite possibly an actual ton of incredibly important information for homeseekers embarking on their adventures to find their first - or next - property.

One of the questions we receive the most is: Which areas are hot on REW? Well, read on fellow adventurer -  we’re here to provide you with the definitive answers. 

Here are the most-searched neighbourhoods on REW in 2022 thus far (remember to stay tuned to our newsletter for quarterly updates on trending areas). 


Best in show.

So how should you use this data? If you’re currently looking for a new neighbourhood to call home, it’s worth investigating what all the fuss is about in these five spots. The things that are making these areas trend on REW might just excite you and your family, too. 


Search Party

Welcome to the rock.

The top spot goes to White Rock. The city by the sea boasts a list of accolades longer than its promenade. Best fish and chips in the province. Top reinforced pier thanks to some active citizens. And now, the most searched neighbourhood on REW in 2022. Quite the trophy case.  

For the last two years, more people have searched White Rock for homes than any other neighbourhood. If REW was Spotify, White Rock would be Ed Sheeran. In 2020, Kitsilano (Cardi B) took the top spot, but it’s been White Rock by a comfortable margin ever since. 

Though some might think it’s a stretch to call White Rock a neighbourhood (especially given that it’s been its own municipality since 1957), the population begs to differ. With roughly 20 000 people calling White Rock home, residents can comfortably call their city a neighbourhood all the same. That’s less than half the population of the next neighbourhood on our list, Kitsilano. 

There are several new developments now selling in White Rock on REW at the moment, another reason the area is trending. Take a look at what’s available


Search Party

The beach is that way.

Young families, students, and everyone else living in Kitsilano is quick to tell you about the neighbourhood's walkability. If there was ever a neighbourhood that Fitbit should sponsor, this is the one. The simultaneous views of the beach and mountains make driving more than a little distracting. 

Locals love the laid-back vibes in the community, something we could all use a little bit more of. The shops and restaurants along West 4th and West Broadway have something for every taste, and you’re never too far away from a game of beach volleyball or a relaxing afternoon at the water. Of all the neighbourhoods on our most-searched list, Kits is probably the one that needs the least unpacking. If you’re wandering around Kitsilano wondering why it’s a great place to live, check your map - you might be in the wrong place. 


Search Party

Country roads, take me home. 

From the beach to the farm, Cloverdale is much more than a rodeo in May. Townhomes across the Lower Mainland are in high demand right now, one of the many reasons why Cloverdale has been so popular on REW. Townhome inventory was up 41% year over year in March 2022, and homeseekers are taking notice. 

Cloverdale’s proximity to the border, the highway and Langley is another reason it draws such attention. There’s a lot to love about the central location, something that can also be said about the last two neighbourhoods on our list.  


Search Party

Shiver me timbers. 

The second most-searched neighbourhood in Surrey and the fourth most-searched neighbourhood in BC, Fleetwood is actually the smallest of Surrey’s six communities. But watch out, Newton: It’s growing at a rapid pace. 

Stretching from Green Timbers to the Serpentine River, Fleetwood is quickly becoming a favourite neighbourhood for new families looking for a centrally-located home in Surrey. Here’s a great overview from Alex Dunbar, an agent born and raised in Fleetwood.

Best Neighbourhoods to Live in Surrey BC - Fleetwood


Search Party

Go nuts. 

Walnut Grove has been the top-searched neighbourhood in Langley this year, right ahead of Aldergrove and Willoughby. Walnut Grove sits on the northwest side of the highway, whereas Willoughby sits on the southeast. This is a residential neighbourhood with movie theatres, shops and quick access to Pitt Meadows, Port Coquitlam and Maple Ridge via the Golden Ears Bridge. 

Walnut Grove vs. Willoughby is a common question from homeseekers at the moment, and it really depends on your needs. Both areas are a short drive from family-friendly activities and amenities, like pools, parks, tracks and coffee shops. The traffic in Walnut Grove is a little bit better, if getting to the highway is high on your list of needs. Nevertheless, they’re both great places to call home. 

And there you have it. Thus far in 2022, White Rock, Kitsilano, Cloverdale, Fleetwood and Walnut Grove are the top five most-searched neighbourhoods on REW, in that order. If you’re just starting your home search adventure, try taking a trip to each of these neighbourhoods and seeing which one feels like home. It’s a tough decision, but we’re always here to help when you’re ready to explore. 

Justin Kerby
Justin Kerby is the founder of Something Great, a digital marketing agency that specializes in real estate branding and content creation. They help companies create social media strategies, newsletters, blog content plans, and advertising campaigns.
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