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Real Estate Portals: How Real Estate Agents Can Stand Out

By Justin Kerby Sep 29, 2021

On most real estate marketplaces, it’s difficult for agents to stand out. The typical portal has some photos and listing data, and if you’re fortunate, maybe a pre-determined, uneditable profile photo of a real estate agent. Lucky you. 

At REW, agents aren’t treated like an afterthought. We know that every home seeker’s journey is unique. Buyers on REW are often in the market for an agent just as much as they are a home, and giving them only an old profile photo to use for differentiating agents is not adequate. One photo of a listing wouldn’t be enough to present home seekers looking for their dream property, so why would limited information on agents be acceptable? Simply put, it’s not. 

REW.One gives agents a chance to set themselves apart from the pack, and we offer agents a lot more than a profile picture to do it. Here are some of the ways we let agents stand out on, where 53 million home searches were conducted last year alone. 


Your profile set up

What do you want to put in your agent profile? This isn’t a question that other portals are asking, offering, or even thinking about. At REW, your One Profile is where you’ll begin differentiating yourself and showcasing why you’re the local expert. Start by deciding what you’d like home buyers and sellers to take away with their first impression of you. Here are some things to consider. 



First, as agents are already aware, reviews and recommendations are vital in the real estate industry. REW lets agents add client recommendations straight from their One Profile, and displays your recommendations directly on both your One Profile and on any of your listing pages. This means that buyers and sellers will be able to see how many clients you’ve worked with and which areas you’ve helped clients buy and sell homes. These recommendations are an excellent way to show off your client’s success stories. 

Though recommendations do have their own separate tab on your One Profile, they’re also featured on your listings and in search results, so be sure to add them to your profile. Best of all, you can request recommendations with the push of a button. 



Your One Profile offers space directly below your profile and header image for a callout. Some agents communicate their value with a catchy headline, while others list their awards, sales experience or marketing expertise. How you use this section is entirely up to you, again giving you the customization to let your voice stand out. 


Profile image and header image 

Your profile image will typically be an updated headshot, but it’s with your header image that you can really be unique. Adding a custom header image with some of your awards and your brokerage logo will give home seekers confidence, especially if it’s professionally designed. Show home seekers that you’ll put care into their listing presentation by putting care into your profile’s appearance. 

Here’s an example of a header image we love on REW from Adil Dinani



One of the most exciting ways that REW allows agents to show off their personality is by highlighting agent videos in search results and on your One Profile’s About Me section. Video is quickly becoming one of the most effective marketing tools available to agents, and at REW we’ve made sure that your video marketing efforts won’t go unnoticed. You can add introduction videos featuring you and your team to your One Profile with ease, so make sure you work on your video marketing strategy to take full advantage of this great opportunity. 

Here’s an example of an excellent agent video from Adam Lloyd


Track and share the trends in your local market 

Other search marketplaces don’t let agents show off their local expertise, and here at REW, we think that’s a missed opportunity. That’s why REW.One provides agents with proprietary search data from, giving agents access to information including: 


-Which listings are the most popular on REW

-Which neighbourhoods are the most popular on REW

-Which agents are the most popular on REW


Data can give you a leg up on the competition, allowing you to see what’s working for others and capitalize on any opportunities. Your One Account also gives you the chance to share market statistics with home seekers in your posts section. For example, if you primarily work in New Westminister, REW.One users can share posts including the top five searched neighbourhoods in New Westminister right on their One Profile. There’s no better way to demonstrate that you’re the local expert than by sharing relevant, real-time information right on your One Profile.  


Timing is everything

When your profile is set up and you’ve started sharing relevant information to your audience, it’s time to reach consumers who are ready to speak to an agent. Your One Button was created just for this moment. 

The One Button is a power-packed launchpad that places all of the most important features of your One Account instantly at your fingertips. To work with new buyers, use the One Button to have your profile rank higher in search results in your area. Agents with custom videos, recommendations, and content-rich profiles see an advantage in search, so be sure to follow the steps outlined above. 

For agents looking to draw attention to their existing listings, the One Button is just as powerful. Here it allows you to show your property to Canadian home seekers who are in the market for listings just like yours. You can also leverage Google, Facebook, and other off-platform websites to drive even more eyeballs to your listing

If you take the time to set up your One Profile, highlight’s data and trends, and drive more traffic to your brand and your listings, you’ll be on your way to standing out to millions of potential buyers and sellers. That’s the power of REW.One. 

Apply for your own REW.One Account when you’re ready to take the adventure.

Justin Kerby
Justin Kerby is the founder of Something Great, a digital marketing agency that specializes in real estate branding and content creation. They help companies create social media strategies, newsletters, blog content plans, and advertising campaigns.
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