Predictive Messages: Typing Emails and Texts Has Never Been This Easy

Darci LaRocque
November 2, 2016

Being constantly busy has always been a part of your world as a REALTOR®. Arguably, one of the most time-consuming tasks you need to do is to respond to the many messages you receive every day. Considering how busy your life is, you may not have the time to respond or, worse, completely forget about responding.

One reason might be because typing your answers simply takes up so much time! And I had the same dilemma myself, before I discovered a really awesome trick years ago.

So, you may be wondering what trick I’m talking about. There’s actually a very time-saving way for you to create your messages, by typing one or two letters on your mobile device to get predictive text of whatever you choose – such as typing in “JS” to instantly generate the entire phrase “John Smith, John Smith Luxury Real Estate,”

Darci predictive text image
This demonstration screen shot shows how typing in Lr can generate "LaRocque Realty"

And it’s not just limited to your name, brokerage or phone number. One or two letters on your wireless device can substitute to a whole string of text or even a whole paragraph! Don’t believe me? Go watch a 25-second demo of how it works on your iPhone here.

If you took the time to watch the short video on how it works on an iPhone, and you want to know how to set it up, here you go:


  1. Tap on Settings and find General
  2. Look for Keyboard
  3. Find Text Replacement and tap it.
  4. You will find your existing shortcuts on the following screen (if you have any). If you want to add a new one, tap on the plus (+) icon at the upper-right part of your screen below the battery.
  5. The Phrase section is where you input the characters you want to show up when you type a certain shortcut key which you would need to input on the Shortcut section.
  6. Example: on the Shortcut field is where I would input DL, which is the shortcut keys I will press in order to get the string of text that I will place on the Phrase section, where I would let’s say input Darci LaRocque. So every time, I type in the letters DL, my iPhone would present an option for me to select my name.
  7. Don’t forget to hit Save! Now, go ahead and try using it.


If you think I’ve forgotten other mobile platforms, I didn’t! Here are the ways on how you could do the same for other mobile devices other than iOS.




  1. Tap Settings.
  2. Find Language and input.
  3. Hit on Google Keyboard. Look for Text correction and then tap on Personal Dictionary. Select the applicable language.
  4. Then, tap the plus (+) icon. This will then give you almost the same options as for the iPhone.


  1. On Start, flick left to the App list.
  2. Tap Settings then select Keyboard.
  3. Tap Typing settings.
  4. Under Keyboard, tap the language or list of languages whose settings you want to change.


A little effort can go a long way! Choose the specific Blackberry device you’re using below and click the associated links:

  • For Blackberry 6 and 7 OS instructions click here.
  • For Blackberry PRIV, here is where you can find the steps you will use.

Happy (and quicker) typing!

Darci LaRocque
Darci LaRocque is an award-winning real-estate technology consultant, trainer and speaker. Darci has been featured in many national newspapers, magazines and spent three seasons as a tech expert on the national TV show Get Connected. Darci works privately with REALTORS® and brokerages helping them be more comfortable with technology and take it to the next level. She also has an online course specifically for REALTORS® showing them how to automate their business systems.