Power Up Your Sales of Power Smart Homes

Kari Kylo
March 21, 2014

By honing your knowledge of Power Smart new homes, you can help your clients find better valueand boost your earning power along the way. In addition to being more energy-efficient and comfortable to live in, Power Smart residences can be cheaper to operate. Here's what you need to know to steer your clients in the right direction:

Reason #1: Power Smart new homes are more comfortable and healthier to live in.

A drafty home is not a cozy home, and definitely not what a buyer is looking to purchase. Power Smart new home builders are encouraged to include better insulation materials in the basements, walls and attics.

Along with reduced air leakage, these houses feature extremely efficient circulation systems such as heat recovery ventilators or ENERGY STAR labeled bathroom fans. Heat recovery ventilators move fresh air throughout the house to regulate moisture and provide a healthier environment by reducing mould, pollutants and smells.

Power Smart new homes also feature ENERGY STAR labeled windows that help keep out cold and hot air as well as reduce outside noise.

Reason #2: Power Smart new homes cost less to operate.

Power Smart new homes use up to 30 per cent less energy than standard homes, resulting in substantial savings to your clients year after year. This can also translate into more referrals and more repeat business for you.

BC Hydro partners with developers and builders who use better techniques to construct new homes. They must also install equipment and appliances geared to achieve a minimum Energuide rating of 80. Power Smart homes are inspected by certified energy advisors who rate levels of efficiency between zero and 100, based on a standard measurement system.

If a home has insufficient insulation and air leakage, it would receive a rating less than 65. A very energy-efficient residence would receive a rating greater than 80 and would have extra insulation, air sealing, better heating methods, and improved water, appliance and lighting systems. Efficient lighting designs include ENERGY STAR labeled compact fluorescents (CFLs) that last almost eight times longer and use a quarter of the energy of standard incandescent bulbs.

Reason #3: Power Smart new homes have less impact on the environment.

Power Smart new homes leave smaller environmental footprints compared to standard homes by producing lower greenhouse gas emissions and using less water. The appliances in a Power Smart new home are typically ENERGY STAR labeled and include refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines. ENERGY STAR dishwashers are at least 25 per cent more efficient than standard models, and ENERGY STAR washing machines use 35 50 per cent less water. Other features of Power Smart new homes such as programmable thermostats, variable speed furnace motors, highly efficient furnaces and heat pumps can effectively reduce the amount of carbon dioxide produced by the home when properly installed and operated.

As you help position Power Smart new homes in the marketplace, you are also doing your part to contribute to a cleaner environment.

Reason #4 Power Smart Homes can have greater resale value.

In addition to winning your clients over with the prospect of an energy-efficient residence with lower operating costs, you are providing an opportunity for greater resale value of their propertyand potentially higher listing prices for you in the future.

Use your expertise and wow your clients by identifying Power Smart new homes in your listing descriptions. You can also educate your clients about BC Hydro's MyHydro at www.bchydro.com. MyHydro can help your clients optimize their home's energy-efficiency performance by viewing their daily energy consumption.

Click here for a current list of Power Smart properties available in your area, or visit www.bchydro.com/pshome to learn even more about these energy-savvy homes that could very well be the key to your own success.

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