Perfect Vancouver Pools We'd Love to Soak In

With temperatures rising, let's gaze at five incredible pools in luxury homes for sale around our beautiful city
Andrea Nazarian
June 27, 2017

1. Southlands, Vancouver

3145 W 53rd Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6N 4B6
For sale: $17,888,000

Pool 2
Courtesy: Malcolm Hasman, Angell Hasman & Associates

This incredible pool looks like its straight out of a Greek god's palace. Imagine diving into that pristine water!

Listing ID: R2178073
Listing agent: Malcolm Hasman

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2. University (UBC), Vancouver

6088 Newton Wynd, Vancouver, BC, V6T 1H9
For sale: $9,980,000

Courtesy: Malcolm Hasman, Angell Hasman & Associates

This amazing pool is absolutely enormous and oh so blue. We'd love to cannonball into that thing! Plus you can relax in the water while watching the giant TV screen above the fire pit.

Listing ID: R2128094
Listing agent: Malcolm Hasman 

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3. Altamont, West Vanouver

2187 Gisby Street, West Vancouver, BC, V7V 4N5
For sale: $11,888,888

West Van Pool 2

We love the way this pool is shaped and how it plays off of the lights both in the home and the accent lighting to the left. 

Listing ID: R2174553
Listing agent: Stanislav Menshykov. 

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4. Kerrisdale, Vancouver

6455 Vine Street, Vancouver, BC, V6M 4A9
For sale: $6,800,000

Kerrisdale Pool

This Kerrisdale pool is the perfect secluded escape. With all of the lush greenery surrounding this gorgeous pool, nosy neighbours won't be an issue here!

Listing ID: R2177991
Listing agent: Faith Wilson

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5. Shaughnessy, Vancouver

4670 Connaught Drive, Vancouver, BC, V6J 4E2
For sale: $23,998,800

Shaughnessy Pool

Even though this is an indoor pool, it's no less fabulous. We love how the decor on the ceiling and wall of this amazing space make the pool look like a piece of art. 

Listing ID: R2136447
Listing agent: Juliette Yong Hong Zhang

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Andrea Nazarian
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